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Swiss introduces its new online promotion with Agence Virtuelle

    Geneva (ots) - SPAP -  Swiss International Air Lines,, launches this week European price promotion in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Netherlands with top e-marketing agency Agence Virtuelle SA, based in Geneva.

    Agence Virtuelle,, will take care about this online marketing campaign beginning this week on major search engines, such as Google, via dedicated cost per click (CPC) campaigns. This technique is unique and Agence Virtuelle use its in-depth knowledge to fine-tune each keyword at the lowest possible price to promote the new fares (41 destinations) such as:

    From Switzerland:

    Hamburg            from Frs 99.-
    Paris                from Frs 99.-
    London city      from Frs. 112.-

    From Austria:

    Malaga              from EUR 173.-
    Palma                from EUR 193.-
    Brussels          from EUR Frs 160.-

    To know more:

    Cost Per Click (CPC) is a technique used to promote these destinations based on real clicks from surfers not impressions, CPC includes also now classical banners calls CPC banners that could you be used as traditional banners in the past, but the invoice will be based only when people click on the ads. Brands pay only when people click.

    About Agence Virtuelle SA

    Agence Virtuelle SA is an e-branding agency founded in Geneva, with offices in Paris and London; the company advices clients on how to set up and measure strategic approach with the web medium, via 7 services: Competitive Intelligence, Creative Design, Programming, Hosting, Search Optimization, E-marketing and Content Management Solutions. To know more about Agence Virtuelle SA:    

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