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11.01.2021 – 17:45

China Report ASEAN

China Report ASEAN presents the story of a cattle farmer in China's Inner Mongolia

Beijing (ots)

"When raising cattle, first you need to like them." "If you don't want to be poor, you cannot just rely on physical work. You need to use your mind and explore the cattle-raising skills." Yu Chenglin is a herder who lives in the prairie of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Yu was quite poor twenty years before he decided to raise cattle to make a fortune. Yu devoted himself to the cattle-raising work, which brought him not only money but good reputation. Living a much better life, Yu is generous enough to share his cattle-raising skills to other folks in the village.

Yu Chenglin's life has been changing dramatically during the two decades since he decided to raise cattle. And he wants the people in his village can also become rich by raising cattle.


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