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08.01.2021 – 13:00

China Report ASEAN

China Report ASEAN presents the story of a millennial university graduate and her career choice as a poverty-alleviation civil servant in China's hinterland

Beijing (ots)

Liang Lin is a millennial civil servant working for the poverty-reduction program in Minqiang Village of Shizhong Town in Jiangyan City, Sichuan Province. Every day, Liang rides her scooter to travel the six-kilometer distance between the village and the town. Over the past two years, Liang has been working with her colleagues to help local villagers in need and to consolidate the poverty alleviation achievements they had made.

Liang got her master degree at Fudan University in Shanghai, but she decided to leave the metropolis after graduation. From a glamorous city to a remote countryside, from a rich and populous place to a poor and obscure location, Liang's life has been undergoing a lot of changes. Faced with many options and possibilities, why did Liang finally made up her mind to be a civil servant? Let's walk into her world and find the answer.


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