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Press release: Future-proof charging infrastructure: Software is the key

Press release: Future-proof charging infrastructure: Software is the key
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Future-proof charging infrastructure: Software is the key

Juice Technology AG presents three impressive game changers in electric charging technology at the first Juice World Charging Day 2020

Juice Technology AG, a major producer of electric charging stations and accompanying software and the leading manufacturer of mobile charging stations for electric vehicles, has presented a new generation of charging technology at the first Juice World Charging Day 2020 held at Eisbach Studios in Munich: Juice's "J+" series of products, including the JUICE CHARGER 3 and JUICE BOOSTER 3 air, take electromobility and its portfolio of charging solutions to a whole new level. Another innovation new to the entire industry: All charging infrastructure is now available on a leasing basis from the Juice subsidiary Juice Services AG.

Developments on the e-mobility market are relentlessly advancing, and the industry is booming. So it's inevitable, moving forward, that all charging stations the industry's manufacturers produce will be smart chargers. Intelligent charging stations must be networked so they can communicate with one another and be centrally administered by dynamic load management.

The new J+ series stands for comprehensive connectivity

This is precisely what's already motivated Juice to action now. The "J+" series of products from Juice Technology AG is a new generation of electric charging technology that launches the electromobility sector into a whole new era of charging infrastructure. J+ interconnects all J+ labelled charging stations, creating an intelligent networked group, enabling various types and models of Juice charging stations to communicate with one another and share user administration information. The individual interconnected devices are likewise able to mutually regulate the smartJUICE omni-dynamic charging and load management system that intelligently distributes the available power to all charging stations in the system. Christoph Erni, CEO and founder of this technology company, puts it in a nutshell: "Software is the key to success, rather than the hardware. Software is likewise essential for future-proof and sustainable charging infrastructure, and the connectivity of all devices is an absolute must. While it used to be futuristic pie in the sky, we've now indeed succeeded in taking charging technology to a whole new level."

Coming to market in 2021: the JUICE CHARGER 3 and JUICE BOOSTER 3 air

Together with the J+ product series, 2021 will also see a new generation of the Juice Wallbox and JUICE CHARGER 3 enter the market along with the complement to the JUICE BOOSTER 2: the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air. Both of these devices belong to the J+ series, are mutually compatible and can be centrally managed. The JUICE CHARGER 3 impressively incorporates not only the previously known and proven functions, such as activation based on numberplate recognition and payment by credit card, but also its new high-resolution touch display and other features. Like a smartphone, the device is simple and intuitive to operate. Thanks to features such as Google Maps, drivers of electric cars don't even have to pull out their smartphone any more to locate a nearby restaurant to enjoy while their car is charging. This is an enormous advantage for charging station users travelling abroad, or where mobile phone signals are weak.

As a supplement to the JUICE BOOSTER 2, the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air expands the technology company's portfolio and really packs a punch. Besides its previously known possible uses as a mobile charging station, wall-mounted charger or charging cable, the Juice Booster 3 air is designed as a 6-in-1 solution offering additional functions for access and charging management, and is linked with the J+ back-end. Though smaller in diameter than a soft drink can, it delivers a charging power output of 11 kW.

The JUICE JET Engine processor

The core of every Juice charging station is its own dedicated high-performance processor, the JUICE JET Engine, now being built into every Juice product. With this processor as its centrepiece, Juice has succeeded in developing a sustainable portfolio of products that build on one another: the processor is built into the JUICE BOOSTER, which in turn forms the core of the JUICE CHARGER, which in turn can be expanded into the JUICE HUB and JUICE HUB public. "The benefits this concept affords are plain to see: sustainable development, lower costs and technology that works. We don't have to maintain 30 different versions for our full product range. We're able to focus all of our development resources on a single software that benefits every single device. The advantages to our customers are crystal clear: better and more stable solutions for less money. And this high quality is also plainly evident in terms of service cases: we have less than 0.1 percent warranty cases," Erni continues.

Charging-as-a-service - Leasing instead of buying

Effective immediately, Juice is also providing a charging infrastructure leasing service aimed at supporting the operators and managers of large ground-level car parks, underground parking structures and multi-storey car parks, and easing the financial burden of outfitting their facilities for e-mobility. And it's not just about leasing the charging stations: for the complete term of the lease, Juice Services AG covers the infrastructure planning involved, the complete power distribution system in underground parking structures, the installation work, administration, support, permanent warranty, free updates and service. Parking facilities offering 30 spaces or more where at least five parking spaces are to be fitted with a charging station can utilise a leasing model for only EUR/CHF 69.00 EUR monthly per charging space. For parking spaces already equipped for electric charging which haven't yet been used for charging purposes, the operator pays only EUR/CHF 1.00 each per year.

Further details about our JUICE BOOSTER 3 air and JUICE CHARGER 3 products will follow when advance sales get under way.

All Juice News at a glance

  1. J+ series: All charging stations labelled with the J+ logo are compatible with one another, and can be linked and centrally administrated in an interconnected network by the smartJUICE omni-dynamic load and charging management system - via app, tablet computer or PC.
  2. JUICE CHARGER 3: Wallbox with high-resolution touch display in Juice's own clear-view screen technology and offering on-line access to Google Maps. Intuitive to operate like a smartphone.
  3. JUICE BOOSTER 3 air: The 6-in-1 solution can be used as a mobile charging station, wallbox or charging cable while also offering access and charging management functions and connectivity thanks to the J+ back-end.
  4. JUICE JET Engine: This super-high-performance processor that's heat-, cold- and vibration-resistant will be built into all future Juice charging stations.
  5. Charging-as-a-Service: The leasing model marketed by subsidiary firm Juice Services AG offers any parking facility seeking to install 30 or more parking stations a comprehensive care-free package for a monthly fee of EUR/CHF 69.00 per charging space. Juice assumes coverage for planning, power supply and distribution, installation, administration, updates, upgrades, permanent warranty, support and service of all the charging stations.
  6. smartJUICE: The omni-dynamic load and charging management system is limitlessly scalable and intelligently distributes the available power to all charging stations within the networked system, enables multi-level prioritisation, covers all motor vehicle characteristics, enables controlled shutdown of the charging process for example in case of power failure, and then resumes the charging process as soon as electric power supply has been restored. Likewise possible: Remote controlling by the power provider.



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Juice Technology AG, headquartered in the town of Cham in the Swiss canton of Zug, is the world's leading producer of mobile 22-kW electrical charging stations. The Group also includes Juice Europe GmbH with an office in Munich and Juice Services AG. The broad portfolio of this Swiss manufacturer also includes charging and load management systems, permanent electric vehicle charging stations, wall boxes and DC charging stations. Founded in 2014, Juice Technology rode the success of its JUICE BOOSTER 1 mobile charging station to position itself as the global world leader in this segment already within its first year of business. The company is now firmly established and a major producer of charging infrastructure, having already brought numerous world firsts to market such as temperature sensors installed in power plugs, credit card payment systems, and the smartJUICE infinitely scalable load management system. Juice Technology AG enjoys worldwide presence with its own locations, subsidiaries and partner companies, and also has a global network of retailers at its disposal. With its total workforce today of over 90 people active in development, production, marketing, sales and logistics, the company is currently tripling its sales volume every year.

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