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Press release: Juice Academy offers e-mobility expertise across all levels

Press release: Juice Academy offers e-mobility expertise across all levels
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Juice Academy offers e-mobility expertise across all levels - whether you're looking for Basic, Business, Technician or Expert level

Juice Technology AG is now able to offer external training courses and advanced training sessions on the subject of e-mobility and charging via the Juice Academy.

Juice Technology AG, manufacturer of charging stations and software, and leading producer of portable charging stations for electric vehicles, is extending the Juice Academy's internal training programme and offering external training sessions across four different levels with immediate effect.

Juice Academy was set up earlier this year as part of the process of hiving off the Juice Engineering research & development department. Its aim is to enable young engineers working on research & development projects for Juice to receive the best possible training opportunities. This will ensure that the company has access to a growing and sustainable pool of high-quality EV specialists. The programme is now being expanded and made available to individuals and organisations outside the company.

"As manufacturers of charging infrastructure and an established part of the industry, we have built up extensive expertise over the past few years. This expertise doesn't only relate to our own field, but covers the entire e-mobility sector. As Christoph Erni, founder and CEO of Juice Technology AG, explains, "We regard it as our corporate responsibility to pass on this knowledge both within the industry and to people, companies and organisations outside the sector to enable us to continue promoting a lasting transition to e-mobility. "I am also thrilled to welcome Olivier Salquin to the Board in this role."

New director Olivier Salquin, who was previously Head of Technical Support and Academy Director at one of the largest training establishments in the mobility sector, is now the Head and CEO of Juice Academy. He has been working in the automotive industry for many years, spending much of his time in the training sector, and makes a valuable addition to the Juice team thanks to his extensive knowledge of both areas.

Olivier Salquin, Head of the Academy, goes on to say: "Although we are already making great progress with the move to electromobility, there are still significant knowledge gaps in many areas. Our aim now is to close these gaps by offering a range of courses. I'm delighted to be part of this new direction and look forward to playing an active role in the process.

The training programme, which is aimed at both businesses and individuals, is divided into four levels: the Basic level covers the basic principles of electromobility and e-vehicles, plus tips and tricks about charging and sustainability. The Business level is also aimed at individuals and companies that need to incorporate the concept of electromobility in their businesses and plan accordingly. The Technician level provides companies within the sector, e.g. car manufacturers or dealers, with a perfect overview of the various markets and opportunities to enhance their own production and sales offerings. Finally, the Expert level offers specialists, engineers and electricians a comprehensive overview of installation procedures, professional load management and simple billing interfaces, with in-depth technical information to ensure that they can provide their end customers with advice and information about the installation process.

All participants will receive an official JUICE ACADEMY certificate after successfully completing the training courses. See for how to apply and a brief review of the various courses along with detailed descriptions.

The Juice Academy programme at a glance

  1. BASIC: for fans of e-mobility, companies, associations and end customers who want to know more about electromobility, charging and sustainability.
  2. BUSINESS: this level is aimed at architects, engineers, property management companies and construction businesses, fleet operators, the hotel and catering industry and energy companies who are keen to make the switch to e-mobility and expand their knowledge of the sector.
  3. TECHNICIAN: this advanced course offers wholesalers, car manufacturers and dealers, garages, fleet operators and bodywork specialists the in-depth technical know-how they need to address charging and e-mobility issues in their business.
  4. EXPERT: the expert course offers certified Swiss electrical installers and electricians detailed training on installation procedures and on setting up a comprehensive, sustainable and futureproof charging infrastructure including load and charging management for their customers.
  5. JUICE ACADEMY certificate: this confirms that the holder has attended the course and passed the final test for the workshop level attended.
  6. Small groups, ideal learning outcomes: the number of participants is limited to no more than 12 per course.



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