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Press release: Juice Group: Research and Development Department is now Juice Engineering

Press release: Juice Group: Research and Development Department is now Juice Engineering
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Juice Group: Research and Development Department is now Juice Engineering

Juice Technology AG has reorganised its corporate divisions and hived off the Research and Development Centre.

Juice Technology AG, manufacturer of charging stations and software, and leading player in the portable charging market for electric vehicles, has reorganised its corporate divisions. Alongside the parent company, the group also includes Juice Services AG and Juice Europe GmbH, responsible for the European business arm. Now the Research and Development Department has also been hived off as Juice Engineering.

Juice Technology AG previously covered the Development, Production, Sales and Technical Support divisions under one roof. Juice develops its own independent charging solutions, covering both hardware and software, in house. The interdisciplinary research and development team has already made a name for itself with world firsts like the smartJUICE load management system with flexible expansion options, activation by number plate recognition and contactless payment via credit card. JUICE BOOSTER 2 continues to be the group's flagship product as the only three-phase portable charging station in its performance class guaranteed to comply with standards across the world and certified by TÜV SÜD for compliance with IEC 62752.

The engineering team has doubled in size over the past 12 months, putting Juice Technology AG in a position to serve even more major clients throughout the world. Services range from adapting the hardware and software for Juice products to distribution as white label solutions, right up to essential advice and new developments for pioneering charging solutions. Against this background, it seemed a logical next step to expand the Juice Technology AG Group still further and hive off the Research and Development Department as Juice Engineering.

"Customers and partners based in Europe, Asia and North America have welcomed this move as it gives them easy access to our technology. In other words, any necessary changes, refinements and new solutions can be introduced much more quickly, under the best possible conditions, with an eye to the market. It also allows us to provide major customers such as car manufacturers with optimum service standards. This is yet another milestone in Juice's company history. By setting up the Juice Engineering competence centre, we are able to officially extend our portfolio to cover the full range of development and consultancy in the field of pioneering e-charging technology," explains CEO Christoph Erni. "This is an important step in our transition from charging station manufacturer to technology leader."

The launch of the Juice Academy also forms part of the hive-off plans: this will enable young engineers working on research and development projects for Juice to receive the best possible training opportunities. "It will allow us to quickly and sustainably build up a pool of high-quality EV specialists unmatched by any other supplier in the marketplace," explains Norman Steck, Lead Engineer at Juice Engineering.

Alongside the parent company, Juice Technology AG, the Juice Group also includes Juice Europe GmbH, based in Munich, and Juice Services AG, which acts as a service provider offering charging infrastructure via leasing and rental models. The group currently employs 86 individuals across five sites in Switzerland, Germany and China - and strong growth looks set to continue. In just the first quarter of this year, Juice Technology AG recorded sales equivalent to the whole of last year. We have been able to meet the resulting exponential rise in demand by quickly switching our five production lines to 24-hour operation.

Key milestones for Juice Technology AG at a glance

  1. Juice Technology AG was founded in Cham in the Swiss canton of Zug in 2014.
  2. We developed and launched our first charging station, the JUICE CHARGER, and the JUICE BOOSTER 1 portable charging station the very same year.
  3. October 2014: we extended our portfolio to include the JUICE DIRECTOR DC charger.
  4. In 2015, Juice Technology AG was already No. 1 in the world for portable 22 kW charging stations thanks to JUICE BOOSTER 1.
  5. January 2015: the JUICE TOWER vandal-proof charging station was launched.
  6. June 2016: launch of JUICE BOOSTER 2 - now with automatic adapter recognition included as standard.
  7. August 2017: worldwide storage and distribution network extended due to rapid growth.
  8. In November 2017, Juice's load and charging management system, smartJUICE, was launched.
  9. March 2018: JUICE TOWER 2, now with integral NFC and RFID readers, went on sale.
  10. JUICE ULTRA, the most powerful DC charger available on the market, was launched in June 2018.
  11. July 2018 saw another world first: credit card payment at charging stations.
  12. September and October 2018: JUICE CHARGER 2 with integral load management was introduced alongside JUICE DIRECTOR 2.
  13. The JUICE CELSIUS integral temperature sensor in the JUICE BOOSTER 2 shockproof adapter plug was patented in November 2018.
  14. Yet another world first followed in December: number plate recognition to identify vehicles and activate the charging process.
  15. January 2019: launch of the billJUICE charging process evaluation system.
  16. June 2019: the introduction of the JUICE PHASER allowed owners of electric cars with single-phase charging to charge twice as fast without overloading their household power supply.
  17. October 2019: Juice's German subsidiary, Juice Europe GmbH, was launched in Munich.
  18. November 2019: Juice Services AG was set up to provide charging solutions via rental and lease models.
  19. April 2020: Research and Development Department is now Juice Engineering



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About Juice Technology

Juice Technology AG, based in Cham in the Swiss canton of Zug, is the world's leading producer of portable 22 kW e-car charging stations. Juice Services GmbH and German subsidiary Juice Europe GmbH, headquartered in Munich are also part of the Juice group. This Swiss manufacturer's extensive range also includes software-based charging and load management systems, electric vehicle charging columns, wall boxes and DC charging stations. Founded in 2014, Juice Technology rode the success of its JUICE BOOSTER 1 mobile charging station to position itself as the global market leader in this sector within its first year of business. The company is now firmly established as a major producer of charging infrastructure, having already brought many world firsts to market. These include integral temperature sensors in plugs, credit card payment systems and the smartJUICE infinitely scalable load management system. Juice Technology AG is now available worldwide with its own sites, subsidiaries and partner companies. It also has a global network of retailers at its disposal. It currently employs over 80 people in house across the research and development, production, marketing, administration, purchasing, sales and logistics teams. What's more, the company has managed to treble its turnover year on year. The company is completely self-financing and on a very solid financial footing.

Check out for more information about the company, our products and solutions. You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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