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KA Finanz AG

EANS-Adhoc: KA Finanz AG
Possible future absorption of parts of the assets and liabilities of Kommunalkredit Austria AG in accordance with ad-hoc announcement dated 11 August 2014

  ad-hoc disclosure transmitted by euro adhoc with the aim of a Europe-wide
  distribution. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this

KA Finanz AG (KF), referring to the ad-hoc announcement dated 11 August 2014 and
based on information just received from Finanzmarktbeteiligung
Aktiengesellschaft des Bundes (FIMBAG), notifies the following: In the partial
sale process of KA announced on 11 August 2014, a significant interim step has
been achieved as of today. FIMBAG, the joint shareholder of Kommunalkredit
Austria AG (KA) and KF, has signed a share purchase agreement with a buyer
consortium, consisting of the English Interritus Limited, initiated by Dr.
Patrick Bettscheider, and the Irish Trinity Investments Limited, managed by the
London-based asset manager Attestor Capital LLP, (Consortium), providing, inter
alia, for the following:

- The entire business operations of KA, including all its subsidiaries, will be
transferred to a newly incorporated company (KA New) by way of a proportionate
demerger according to §1.2.2 First Scenario of the Austrian Demerger Act
(Spaltungsgesetz). This includes loans and securities of the existing KA in the
amount of approximately EUR 3.5 billion out of total assets according to the
Austrian Commercial Code of approximately EUR 4.3 billion.

- The part of KA remaining after this restructuring step (KA Residual) with
total assets of approximately EUR 7 billion will be merged into KF.

- The effectiveness of the share purchase agreement and the execution of the
demerger of KA for new incorporation as well as the merger of KA Residual into
KF are subject to a number of pre-conditions and approvals to be granted by the
competent bodies of KF and of KA, i.e. the Supervisory Board and the Annual
General Meeting, as well as the competent bank supervisory authorities, the
European Commission and other authorities. 

The partial sale of KA and the sale of the shares of FIMBAG in KA New are in
compliance with the Amendment Decision of the European Commission dated 19 July
2013 and the public tender published by FIMBAG on 14 August 2014.

AT0000441209; XS0140045302; XS0144772927; XS0185015541;
XS0257275098; XS0270579856; XS0279423775; XS0286975973;

Stock exchanges:
Vienna, Luxembourg

For enquiries please contact:
KA Finanz AG
Investor Relations
Dinah Reiss
1092 Wien/Vienna, Türkenstraße/Tuerkenstrasse 9
Tel./Phone: +43/1/31 6 31-678
Fax: +43/1/31 6 31-505 oder/or 99678

Issuer: KA Finanz AG
Tuerkenstrasse 9
A-1092 Vienna
Phone: +43/1/310 06 06
Fax: +43/1/310 06 06-404

Sector: banks
Stock exchanges: Vienna Stock Exchange
Language: English

Further inquiry note:
KA Finanz AG
Treasury - Investor Relations
Dinah Reiss
A-1092 Wien, Türkenstraße 9
Tel.: ++43(0)1/310 06 06-678
Fax : ++43(0)1/310 06 06-505 or 99678

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issuer:      KA Finanz AG
             Türkenstraße 9
             A-1092 Wien
phone:       +43/1/310 06 06
FAX:         +43/1/310 06 06 - 404
sector:      Banking
ISIN:        -
stockmarkets: stock market: Wien 
language:   English

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Weitere Storys: KA Finanz AG