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09.03.2012 – 18:47

KA Finanz AG

EANS-Adhoc: KA Finanz AG
Private Sector Involvement - Greece

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KA Finanz AG / Private Sector Involvement - Greece


KA Finanz AG / Private Sector Involvement - Greece

Today the Republic of Greece published the result of the debt restructuring
votes under the Public Sector Involvement (PSI) programme agreed with the
Institute of International Finance (IIF) and published on 24 February 2012. KA
Finanz AG (KF) has participated in the PSI programme with Greek government bonds
of a nominal value of EUR 305 million.
For KF, participation in the PSI programme results in an immediate charge of EUR
228.8 million for the business year 2011, of which EUR 163.2 million are
realised losses from the 53.5% debt waiver. The remaining EUR 65.6 million are
provisions for lower interest on the new bonds, which can again be added to net
interest income over the life of the bonds, provided the positions remain in the

Besides Greek government bonds in the amount of EUR 305 million, KF as of 31
December 2011 holds - as already reported in the 2011 Interim Report - EUR 160
million of bonds of Greek state-owned corporations covered by guarantees of the
Republic of Greece as well as EUR 522.8 million of CDS and CDS-type contracts. 

The Collective Action Clauses (CACs) introduced on 23 February 2012 allow the
Republic of Greece to perform a compulsory swap of the instruments held by the
non-approving minority, once a certain approval threshold is reached. Today the
Republic of Greece announced its intention to activate the CACs. This has been
taken note of by the Euro Group. At the time of publication (9 March 2012, 16:00
hrs.) the question of whether this will subsequently be implemented and result
in a "credit event" triggering payments under CDS (credit default swap) is still
open. For KF, activation of the CDS with an assumed loss ratio of about 80%
would mean an additional provisioning charge of EUR 423.6 million.

In the event of CDS activation through the CACs, the total amount of risk
provisions for the Greek exposure will be in the range of EUR 1 billion. Upon
conclusion of the current accounting process and after implementation of the
necessary capital measures, the final result for the year will be published
after its approval and adoption in April 2012. The owner has already agreed to
take the necessary capital measures.

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