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25.04.2012 – 15:36

KA Finanz AG

EANS-Adhoc: KA Finanz AG
Result for the year 2011
Capital cut
Capital increase

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General Meeting of KA Finanz AG: 
Capital cut with simultaneous capital increase

In accordance with its published agenda, today's General Meeting of KA Finanz AG
formally adopted the result for the year 2011 of KA Finanz AG (KF). The
decisions taken become legally effective upon entry in the Companies' Register. 

The business year closes with a net loss of EUR 534.4 million, after an
extraordinary income of EUR 609.5 million from a shareholder contribution and a
surety granted by the Republic of Austria, which was recognised as income in the
amount of EUR 235.0 million. The result for the year includes impairment charges
of EUR 1,034.3 million for the Greek exposure reported at the end of the year. 

For further capitalisation of the bank, the general meeting decided in favour of
a simplified capital reduction (capital cut) with simultaneous capital increase
pursuant to §§ 182 ff in conjunction with § 181 of the Companies Act,
retroactive as of 31 December 2011. The share capital and the participation
capital of EUR 22.3 million and EUR 434.1 million, respectively, were set to
zero and EUR 337.0 million of appropriated and non-appropriated reserves were
released. Subsequently, the share capital was increased by the Republic of
Austria by EUR 389.0 million. Through these measures, the loss carried forward
from the 2011 result in the amount of EUR 534.4 million and from previous years
in the amount of EUR 345.8 million was reduced to EUR 85.8 million. Thus, KF's
own funds as of 31 December 2011 total EUR 836.5 million, with a core capital of
EUR 474.3 million. The total capital ratio is 12.9%, with a core capital ratio
of 7.3%.

After the required entry into the Companies' Register, the annual report of KF
will be published on the homepage of KA Finanz AG under

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Issuer: KA Finanz AG

         Tuerkenstrasse 9
         1092 Vienna
Phone:  +43/1/310 06 06-678

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Stock exchanges:        Vienna, Luxembourg

For enquiries:  
KA Finanz AG
Treasury - Investor Relations 
Dinah Reiss
1092 Vienna, Tuerkenstrasse 9
Phone: +43/1/310 06 06-678
Fax: +43/1/310 06 06-404

Issuer: KA Finanz AG

Further inquiry note:
KA Finanz AG
For enquiries:	
KA Finanz AG
Treasury - Investor Relations 
Dinah Reiss
1092 Vienna, Tuerkenstrasse 9
Phone: +43/1/310 06 06-678
Fax: +43/1/310 06 06-404

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