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EQS-Adhoc: Airopack Technology Group AG: Airopack Technology Group AG successfully begins production in its new plant and announces 2016 results

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Airopack Technology Group AG: Airopack Technology Group AG successfully begins
production in its new plant  and announces 2016 results

24.03.2017 / 18:17 CET/CEST
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Airopack Technology Group AG successfully begins production in its new plant and
announces 2016 results

Baar, 24 March 2017 - Airopack Technology Group AG ("ATG") is pleased to confirm
the successful ramp-up of Airopack production from its new 18.000m2
manufacturing site in Waalwijk, built in only 168 days, which started operations
in December 2016.

Improvement of our operational footprint

In 2016 ATG completed the acquisition of the 50% stake in Airolux from its
former joint-venture partner. Following this acquisition, ATG improved and
expanded its operational footprint by consolidating all Airopack manufacturing
operations into one site. As a result all Airopack production was relocated from
Bilten (CH) to Waalwijk (NL), where our new state-of-the-art production facility
was completed in December 2016, after only 168 days, in line with budget, scope
and manufacturing specifications.

Since December 2016, shipment of Airopack products has started from our new
Waalwijk factory, which produces Airopack under the strictest quality control
and at market-leading manufacturing cost at full capacity. The modular layout of
the new plant provides for straightforward upscaling of capacity, with minimal
business disruption and the prospect for further cost efficiencies to come.

The new plant in Waalwijk, has an initial annual capacity of 80 million Airopack
units. ATG is in the advanced stages of exploring doubling its manufacturing
capacity of the plant to 160 million pieces per annum, provisionally scheduled
to start in the second half of 2017.

The shut-down of the manufacturing facility in Switzerland in 2016 was carefully
planned and managed in close alignment with Airopack's main customers in order
to minimize disruption to their supply chains. We were delighted to see that our
customers continued to support us during this transition. As in the previous
year the majority of our volumes were shipped to leading global personal care
companies. Several orders for Airopack were also filled by our Belgian company
Airosolutions, which allows us to offer an in-house filling service.
Airosolutions also offers its own products and expanded its product offering in
2016 through the development of innovative packaging solutions for personal care

To finance the acquisition and the subsequent investment in Airopack's
manufacturing capabilities in the Netherlands, ATG entered into a strategic
partnership with funds managed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management LLC
(NYSE:APO), which committed equity and loans for EUR 122 million in an operation
approved by the General Assembly of Shareholders on 23 June 2016.

2016 Results

The 2016 results are summarized on the next pages. The full Annual Report will
be made available on 5 April 2017 by following this link to our


With production activities online at our new site in Waalwijk (NL) we are well
positioned to accelerate Airopack sales volumes. The market today is showing a
healthy demand for our products and as production at the new plant continues to
ramp up, we expect to leave the transition phase behind us and to fully focus on
growth and enhanced production efficiencies. Due to continued growth throughout
the year, 2017 will not fully reflect our growth and efficiency initiatives,
although a significant improvement over 2016 is expected. The Board of Directors
and Group Management therefore believe that the business will achieve its medium
term goals of a run-rate volume of over 700 million pieces annually compared to
a total aerosol market of 15.48 billion annual units as of the end of 2015† and
are confident that we will continue to enjoy the trust and loyalty of our
customers and shareholders.

† Source: Grand View Research, Inc., U.S.A., publication date: May 2016


CONSOLIDATED INCOME STATEMENT                                            

                                                                        in TEUR
  in TEUR



Net sales                                                               11.282

Other operating income                                                  440

Change in inventory of finished and semi-finished goods                 605

Operating income                                                        12.327



Raw material expense                                                    -11.611

Personnel expense                                                       -11.422

Other operating expense                                                 -17.749

Operating expense                                                       -40.782

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) -28.455

Depreciation of tangible fixed assets                                   -3.248

Amortization of intangible assets                                       -8.239

Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT)                               -39.942


Financial result                                                        -6.227

Earnings before taxes (EBT)                                             -46.169

Income taxes                                                            3.852

Net result                                                              -42.317

Result development

From the acquisition in May 2016 of the remaining 50% shareholding in the former
Airolux joint venture, the results of Airolux AG and its subsidiaries are fully
consolidated in the ATG results. Furthermore a full year of sales from
Airosolutions (acquired during 2015), is included for 2016.

The changes to the consolidation perimeter had a positive effect on sales, which
grew to EUR 11.3 million, a 41% increase over 2015. Airosolutions sales
contributed EUR 7.9 million, while during the second half of 2016, the
relocation of production capacity resulted in lower sales of Airopacks, with
only limited quantities being delivered from existing inventory.

The cost of the wind-down of the Bilten plant and the simultaneous start-up of
the new plant in Waalwijk were fully included in the 2016 results and are
reflected as higher material and personnel costs, as well as higher operating
expenses. Other operating expenses include furthermore EUR11.3 million
exceptional and non-recurring costs, related to fund raising and the termination
of the joint-venture.

Due to the acquisition of the 50% joint venture shareholding goodwill was
created, which is being amortized over 5 years.

As a result of the changes in the consolidation perimeter, the changes in the
operational footprint and the exceptional and non-recurring cost, the net result
of the Group amounted to a loss of EUR 42.3 million.


CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEET                               

                                           in TEUR      in TEUR

Assets                                     31.12.2016   31.12.2015


Cash and cash equivalents                  8.340        2.918

Trade accounts receivable                  2.054        2.941

Other receivables                          679          1.128

Inventories                                3.445        2.354

Prepayments and accrued income             458          186

Current assets                             14.976       9.527



Financial assets                           4.314        8.927

Tangible fixed assets                      28.341       6.736

Intangible assets                          46.265       7.444

Non current assets                         78.920       23.107


Total assets                               93.896       32.634



Liabilities and shareholders' equity                     




Current liabilities                        10.282       6.375




Non current liabilities                    80.930       26.103


Liabilities                                91.212       32.478



Share capital                              74.500       55.276

Capital reserves                           10.753       -13.733

Cumulative translation adjustments         912          32

Accumulated losses                         -83.481      -41.419

Shareholders' equity                       2.684        156


Total Liabilities and Shareholders' equity 93.896       32.634

Balance sheet

The balance sheet reflects important changes to the Group's financing and asset
base. Higher current assets and liabilities are mainly the result of the full
consolidation of Airolux. Non-current assets have grown due to the inclusion of
acquisition goodwill, while non-current liabilities show the long term debt
contracted with the Apollo Funds. The shareholders' equity slightly increased as
the net loss of the Group was absorbed by the capital increase of July 2016.


CONSOLIDATED CASH FLOW STATEMENT                                       

in TEUR         in TEUR  

2016            2015     


Cash flow from operating activities                                   -22.107

Tangible and intangible assets                                         

Investments -19.168         -4.104   

1.516           -        

Payment for the acquisition of consolidated organisations (less cash) -25.091

Outflow from long term receivables from joint venture                 -2.030

Cash flow from investing activities                                   -44.773

Inflow / (Outflow) from current financial liabilities third parties   -31.717

Inflow / (Outflow) from shareholder loan                              65.145

(Outflow) / Inflow from long-term financial liabilities               -3.754

Inflow from capital increase                                          42.636

Cash flow from financing activities                                   72.310

Total Cash flow                                                       5.430

Cash and cash equivalents as at 1 January                             2.918

Total Cash flow                                                       5.430

Impact of currency translation                                        -8

Cash and cash equivalents as at 31 December                           8.340

Cash flow statement

The cash flow statement shows the effect of the operating loss, the acquisition
of 50% of the former Airolux joint venture and the significant investment in the
new Waalwijk plant. All was funded by the cash inflow from the Apollo Funds,
which contributed both debt and shareholder equity financing. Cash increased to
EUR 8.3 million at 31 December 2016.


For more information:

Airopack Technology Group AG
Quint Kelders, CEO / Liebwin van Lil, CFO

Zugerstrasse 76b
CH-6340 Baar
TF: +31 416 300 800

Airopack Technology Group AG is a leading developer and supplier of mechanical
and pressure-controlled dispensing packaging technologies and systems for
manufacturers and suppliers of cosmetics, body care, pharmaceutical and food
products. The revolutionary and worldwide and solely by ATG patented Airopack(R)
technology offers a safe, all-plastic pressurized dispenser that is
environmentally and planet friendly

Airopack Technology Group operates a Airopack Ready to Fill manufacturing
facility in Waalwijk, The Netherlands and a Full-Service Filling operation in
Heist-op-den-Berg Belgium, an Global Research and Development Team and the
Airopack Global Management and Customer Service Organisation in Waalwijk, The

The shares of the company are listed on the Swiss Reporting Standard of the SIX
Swiss Exchange since 2010. (Ticker: AIRN / ISIN: CH0242606942).

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Börsen:      SIX Swiss Exchange


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