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Biotech enterprise Sangui starts expanding internationally recording large order from Mexico

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Global Expansion/Government Contracts/Sales Progress

Witten (euro adhoc) - Biotech enterprise Sangui starts expanding internationally
recording large order from Mexico
Witten, Germany, December 21, 2012
Effective now, Sangui BioTech International, Inc. (Symbol: SGBI ) has its wound
therapeutic Granulox being sold in Mexico. Sangui BioTech GmbH has licensed the
respective rights to its affiliate SastoMed GmbH. SastoMed is already
distributing Granulox in Germany. At the outset of the international expansion a
large order could be recorded yielding an expected sales volume of over
The largest customer purchasing from the first delivery of Granulox to Mexico is
the State of Tamaulipas. Here, governmental health institutions will be equipped
with the wound therapeutic. Granulox is being applied as a spray. Main
indications are chronic wounds, originating in most cases in lack of oxygen
supply (hypoxia) or insufficient blood flow to the respective part of the body.
In many cases diabetes is the primary disease. Diabetes affects the blood
vessels thus causing circulation disturbances in legs and feet. Around 37
million treatments per annum occur on a global scale. More than one fourth of
those are being registered in Latin America. Expansion to Mexico is seen as the
first step to addressing this market.
The expansion shall be promoted based on a contractually agreed cooperation with
the Mexico based distribution partner Bio-Mac Pharma the management of which has
a track record of successfully supporting the sales of other renowned
pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Novartis and Schering Plough.
Sangui BioTech International, Inc. ("SGBI") is a holding company the shares of
which are being traded on the OTCQB marketplace ( SGBI) and
the OTC market of Hamburg-Hannover stock exchanges. Its purpose is to provide
financing and access to the capital markets for the enterprises of the Sangui
group. SanguiBioTech GmbH is a ninety percent subsidiary of Sangui BioTech
International, Inc.

Further inquiry note:
Dr. Joachim Fleing
Fon: +49 (179) 7963472
Fax: +49 (2302) 915191

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