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Over 500 Customers: Granulox Sales Ahead of Planning

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Company Information/Sales Progress

Subtitle: Initial investments will have amortized by 2014 according to SastoMed
Licensing agreement will yield income for Sangui with the beginning of 2013,
exponential growth expected

Witten, Germany, August 13, 2012 (euro adhoc) - SastoMed GmbH, global licensee
of the Sangui patented wound spray, has submitted the announced report covering
the first 100 days of Granulox product sales. The report is available on Its results meet and in some parts considerably exceed the
expectations which were directed at the joint venture company by SanguiBioTech
GmbH as the licenser. SastoMed assumes that the initial investments will have
amortized by 2014. Before that already, Sangui will participate in each Euro of
revenue in Germany and abroad and will profit by the considerable growth
The sales strategy is based on an exemplary assessment of the complex health
market the accuracy of which is underpinned by the presented sales progress.
Until July 31, the sales force had arranged for almost 4,800 meetings and handed
over more than 1,000 samples. After no more than 100 days about 500 customers
have been registered as actively purchasing the product. With this customer base
SastoMed are ahead of planning. In addition, the sales team is present at most
conferences, trade shows or workshops dedicated to wound management. The
communication with opinion leaders and the expert public will now be
complemented by an extensive advertising campaign in the consumer media and the
internet. Still, personal contact and practical experience are decisive to
convince the users. 
As had been expected according to the findings of Sangui research and
development, impressive documentation of successful wound treatments underline
the excellent efficacy of Granulox in everyday health care practice. For some
time it had been known among medical researchers that there is a correlation
between hypoxia and impeded wound healing. Thanks to its research focus on
oxygen Sangui was the first and only company to draw the right conclusions and
to develop a hemoglobin based technology which actually and effectively enhances
the oxygen supply and thus supports wound therapies.
The growing dynamics in penetrating the market will even increase further next
year according to SastoMed: Overall another 5,000 doctors and 500 hospitals are
planned to be gained to regularly administer Granulox in Germany alone. At the
same time internationalizing the business will move up on the agenda.
The current positive experiences made in Germany will among others also lead to
entrusting the leadership in operating sales in Mexico to SastoMed - for the
sake of a consistent market appearance and in accordance with the Mexican
partners. In parallel, market entry in Austria, the United Kingdom and Turkey
are under preparation. Additional European markets are planned to be addressed
in 2014. The international business will be directed by a top marketing and
sales manager with international track record. More details will be disclosed
after the signing of the final articles of employment.
Hubertus Schmelz, Managing Director of SanguiBioTech GmbH, was impressed by
these preliminary statements: "We at Sangui are particularly proud of the fact
that our yearlong focus on this technology was the right move. We are especially
glad to obtain such a positive response from competent experts, who confirm our
great expectations. And we are delighted to see how many patients now experience
the benefits of Granulox treatment. Our strategic decision to transfer marketing
and sales of the Sangui developed technology to highly professional partners has
proven to be the best possible choice. We support this intense growth course
also on the financial side and intend to push-start the international
activities. We can foresee that beginning end of this year but increasingly so
over the years to come the positive cash flow from the joint venture company
will more than justify our decisions."

Further inquiry note:
Dr. Joachim Fleing
Fon: +49 (179) 7963472
Fax: +49 (2302) 915 191

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