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Granulox has positive influence on healing of leg ulcers

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Research & Development/Clinical study

Witten, German, December 12, 2012 (euro adhoc) - Most extensive clinical study
so far at Karls University in Prague shows
Granulox has positive influence on healing of leg ulcers
Results to be published in issue 3/2013 of renowned medical journal

Witten, Germany, December 12, 2012
A report on the course and results of a comparative clinical study carried out
under the direction of professor Petr Arenberger, MD, at the clinic of
dermatology at the Karls University in Prague was now accepted for publication.
The study aimed to investigate into the influence of a hemoglobin based spray on
the healing progress of leg ulcer. Leg ulcer is one the most prolific origins of
chronic wounds with a prevalence of about 1.5 million cases p. a. in Germany
alone. This was the most extensive clinical study regarding this technology to
support wound healing as developed by Sangui. The prospective, randomized and
placebo controlled study gave highly significant evidence that there is a
clearly positive influence of the hemoglobin spray on wound healing. The eminent
efficacy of Granulox (e. g. in patients suffering from leg ulcer) is now
documented one more time on the highest scientific level. The entire study
including all findings, in particular regarding the improvement of healing times
and the reduction of pain experienced by the patients will be published in the
3/2013 issue of "Der Hautarzt" (Springer Verlag (Heidelberg)). 
"Der Hautarzt" enjoys international acceptance and is amply quoted. The journal
informs clinical and practising dermatologists on a regular basis of all
important developments in all areas of dermatology. Articles are not published
unless they have passed a peer review.

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