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A proud number - More than 5,000 AT series vehicles are in operation worldwide (with photo)

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Company Information

- A flexible superstructure concept for all types of fire service vehicles 
- A self-supporting, lightweight construction with maximum payload capacity
- Premium quality according to both European and international Standards

Advanced Technology, or AT for short, which is Rosenbauer's premium class,
enjoys a first class reputation among fire services around the world. This is
due primarily to the AT trucks' outstanding performance capacity, utility and
top manufacturing quality. In addition, it is also the result of the AT system's
enormous flexibility and variability, which enable vehicles to be produced
precisely in accordance with customer requirements.  ATs are in operation in
some fifty countries with Europe as the main market for standard vehicle
versions. All in all, in the past 22 years over 5,000 AT trucks have been
manufactured and sold.

Innovative trendsetter
Every AT system development stage has established new benchmarks. AT vehicles
were among the first fire trucks to possess aluminum lightweight superstructures
and integrated crew cabins (1994), CAN electronics and display controls (2002),
full LED lighting (2010), and Euro 6 engines (2015). Another of the AT's
trademarks is its industrial manufacture. This reliably ensures top product
quality in tandem with efficient production. The series incorporates trucks with
dead weights of between ten and twenty tonnes, and extends from standard
vehicles to individually equipment trucks, and Special vehicles. 

A revolutionary superstructure concept
In its AT vehicles Rosenbauer only employs aluminum and composites in a modern
rib and system profile construction. This concept allows the optimum use of
superstructure space and large payloads.  A further benefit of the
self-supporting superstructure is its high strength and torque resistance, which
in tandem with the AT's low center of gravity, results in very balanced
handling. Crew safety is ensured by the combination of a high-strength cabin and
crash- tested driver's cab (according to ECE R29).  Moreover, all the seats are
fitted with 3-point safety belts and in the crew cabin the outside places can be
equipped with a rollover air bag system including belt tensioners. 

Carefully considered down to the smallest detail
Innumerable details demonstrate that engineers with practical fire Service
experience have developed the AT and that the feedback from users is repeatedly
put to good use. This is evident with regard to the operation setting button
that puts the AT on an action footing with just a single press, as well as the
water axis, which automatically distributes water throughout the vehicle. A
great deal of practical experience has also flowed into COMFORT anchorage System
with its comprehensive color logic, as is also the case with the space-saving
hose magazine, the shutter belt for the quick closure of the Equipment
compartments, and the rewinding of the quick attack hose by means of a foot

Maximum diversity
AT trucks are produced on all standard chassis (Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Scania,
Volvo, Renault, Kamaz, Rosenbauer Commander). They come with and without
all-wheel drive, with the original, or superstructure-integrated Rosenbauer Crew
cabin, and tank volumes of up to 5,500 l. Pump units with outputs of up to 5,500
l/min at 10 bar, or in combination with high-pressure pumps, of up to 400 l/min
at 40 bar are available along with a range of supplementary foam proportioning
systems and front and roof monitors. The extinguishing technology is controlled
and monitored via Rosenbauer LCS 2.0 logic control system displays.  

The jubilee selection
The 4,999th AT was produced for the Guangzhou City Public Security Fire
Department and serves to underline the esteem in which the trucks are held in
China. The 5,000th AT went to the Aldersbach Volunteer Fire Service in Bavaria,
Germany and thus to Europe's largest fire industry market, while the 5,0001st is
part of a collective order from the Netherlands and will be put into operation
with the Heesch fire service. 

TLF 4.000 Guangzhou City Public Security Fire Department
- Chassis: MAN TGM 18.290, 4x2, 18 t
- Crew: 2+3+4
- Cab: Rosenbauer crew cabin, integrated into the superstructure
- Extinguishing agents: 3,600 l water, 400 l foam
- Integrated pump: NH35 with up to 3,000 l/min at 10 bar and 400 l/min at 40 bar
- Foam proportioning system: FIXMIX, 2-level
- Monitor: RM25C water/foam monitor
- Lighting mast: FLEXILIGHT LED

HLF 20 Aldersbach fire service
- Chassis: MAN TGM 15.290, 4x4, 15 t
- Crew: 2+3+4
- Cab: Rosenbauer crew cabin, integrated into the superstructure
- Extinguishing agents: 1,600 l water, 200 l foam
- Integrated pump: NH35 with up to 3,000 l/min at 10 bar
- Pressurized proportioning system: DIGIMATIC 42
- Monitor: RM24M water/foam monitor (fixed)
- Lighting mast: FLEXILIGHT LED

TLF 2.500 Brandweer fire service
- Chassis: Mercedes-Benz 1530 AF Atego, 4x2, 16 t
- Crew: 2+3+3
- Cab: Rosenbauer crew cabin, integrated into the superstructure
- Extinguishing agents: 2,500 l water
- Integrated pump: NH35 with up to 3,000 l/min at 10 bar and 400 l/min at 40 bar
- Pump&Roll
- 7 kW integrated Generator
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Further inquiry note:
Rosenbauer International AG
Mag. Gerda Königstorfer
Tel.: 0732/6794-568

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