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Weak first quarter as standard / Revenues and EBIT still in decline due to orders
Incoming orders up 58% to EUR 211.8 million

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|KEY CORPORATE |               |               |               |               |

|Revenues      |in EUR million_|__________191.3|__________172.0|__________(10%)|

|Net profit for|               |               |               |               |
|Cash flow from|               |               |               |               |
|operating     |               |               |               |               |
|Equity in % of|               |               |               |               |
|Earnings per  |               |               |            0.0|               |
|Employees as  |               |               |               |               |
|Order backlog |               |               |               |               |

The firefighting industry will face a range of different challenges in 2016 as
well. Trends in demand should remain stable on the North American market. The
industry in Europe will probably only see a slight upturn if at all. Demand from
Asia and the Middle East could be slowed by a deteriorating general economic
The Rosenbauer Group generated revenues of EUR 172.0 million in the first
quarter of 2016 (1-3/2015: EUR 191.3 million). While decreases in deliveries
were observed on some emerging markets, deliveries were on the rise in North
America and parts of Europe. The first three months of the current year once
again showed that the first quarter is always significantly weaker in terms of
revenues and income. This is partly because the majority of deliveries are
usually made in the second half of the year. These seasonal fluctuations over
the course of the year are partially leveled out by centrally managed
procurement that is not based on government budgets. The revenues of G&S
Brandschutztechnik of EUR 3.3 million were included in the consolidated
financial statements for the first time in the reporting period.
Result of operations
In addition to the lower gross margins on orders delivered in the first quarter
- in particular due to the fierce competition in Europe - and as a result of the
low coverage of fixed costs due to deliveries, EBIT was still in decline year-
on-year at EUR 3.4 million in the first quarter of 2016 (1-3/2015:
EUR 6.0 million). The interim EBIT margin of 2.0% (1-3/2015: 3.1%) therefore
fell short of the figure for the previous year. Owing to the remeasurement
effects of forward transactions, net finance costs improved year-on-year to EUR
0.4 million (1-3/2015: EUR -3.3 million); the results of the companies in Russia
and Spain that are accounted for using the equity method amounted to EUR -0.2
million in the first three months of the current year (1-3/2015: EUR 0.1
million). Consolidated EBT for the reporting period amounted to EUR 3.6 million
(1-3/2015: EUR 2.9 million).
The Rosenbauer Group posted a positive development in incoming orders in the
first three months. In the first quarter, incoming orders of EUR 211.8 million
were generated and were thus 58% higher than the previous year's level (1-3/
2015: EUR 133.9 million). The order backlog as of March 31, 2016 amounted to EUR
861.7 million, up 24% on the previous year's figure (March 31, 2015: EUR 694.6
million). This gives the Rosenbauer Group a good level of capacity utilization
at its production facilities and good visibility for the year ahead.
Given the solid incoming orders in recent months and the production capacity
available, management is assuming that consolidated revenues can increase
further in 2016 despite a weaker first quarter. The forecast growth in revenues
is expected to have a positive impact on earnings in 2016, even though the
development of Rosenbauer's key markets is becoming more difficult to forecast.
Thanks to the successful launch of new products, the high order backlog and the
growing effect of the measures introduced to enhance efficiency and reduce
costs, management is anticipating an improvement in revenues and earnings again
for the 2016 financial year.

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