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Announcement in accordance with Section 82 Subsection 9 Austrian Stock Exchange Act [Börsegesetz].

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Company Information

Linz (euro adhoc) - In accordance with Section 82 Subsection 9 Austrian Stock
Exchange Act, voestalpine AG announces that it has transferred 153,293 of its
own shares (corresponding to 0.09 % of its capital stock) to employees of
voestalpine Group, by initially transferring these to voestalpine
Mitarbeiterbeteiligung Privatstiftung for allocating these to employees of
voestalpine Group. Of these, 11,716 shares were transferred at a price of EUR
27.78 each, 45,774 shares were transferred at a price of EUR 20.20 each and
95,803 shares at a price of EUR 26 each. This transfer was carried out under the
existing voestalpine employee share purchase plan. In addition voestalpine AG
transferred 67 shares as part of a competition [Gewinnspiel].

The proportion of shares of voestalpine AG held by employees in comparison to 31
March 2012 (= end of the business year 2011/12) remains unchanged at 12.9 %. Of
these 12.9%, approximately 11.9 % account for the employee share purchase model
as such and approximately 1 % account for individual shares of present or former
employees whose voting rights were also transferred to voestalpine
Mitarbeiterbeteiligung Privatstiftung. 

As at 6 July 2012, voestalpine AG holds a total of 146,368 own shares.

Further inquiry note:
DI Peter Fleischer
Head of Investor Relations
Tel.: +43/50304/15-9949
Fax:  +43/50304/55-5581

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company:     voestalpine AG
             voestalpine-Straße  1
             A-4020 Linz
phone:       +43 50304/15-9949
FAX:         +43 50304/55-5581
mail:     IR@voestalpine.com
WWW:      www.voestalpine.com
sector:      Metal Goods & Engineering
ISIN:        AT0000937503
indexes:     WBI, ATX Prime, ATX
stockmarkets: official market: Wien 
language:   English

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