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voestalpine: improved earnings after nine months despite challenging environment

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Although the first months of the business year 2011/12 were characterized by
positive demand and satisfactory results, after the summer, an economic
cooling-off period set in, the result of widespread macroeconomic uncertainty.
While, despite this trend, results for the voestalpine Group´s four processing
divisions (Special Steel, Railway Systems, Profilform, and Automotive) were
largely stable, also during fall 2011, the situation in the Steel Division was
significantly more difficult. From late summer 2011 on, severe consumer
reticence led to lower capacity utilization throughout Europe and, in
combination with significant declines in raw materials prices, led to sharply
declining steel prices.
Although this made the third quarter of 2011/12 very difficult, during the first
nine months, voestalpine Group was able to exceed the previous year´s results,
both for revenue and across all reporting categories. 
With the turn of the year, the economic trend also reversed in the Steel
Division and, with results simultaneously continuing to develop positively
stable across the four processing divisions, earnings in the fourth quarter of
the business year are expected to exceed those in the third quarter (although,
however, it is not possible to achieve the results of the fourth quarter of the
previous year). Thus, there is no change to the outlook from November 2011,
i.e., for the business year 2011/12, we continue to anticipate a somewhat weaker
operating result compared to the previous year (without taking any non-recurring
effects from the railway infrastructure segment into consideration).

Key figures of voestalpine Group

(acc. IFRS; in EURm)*   Q1-Q3 2010/11        Q1-Q3 2011/12      Change
                        01.04.-31.12.2010    01.04.-31.12.2011 in %
Revenue                 7,936.6              8,877.2            11.9
EBITDA                  1,107.0              1,118.0            1.0
EBITDA margin in %      13.9                 12.6               
EBIT                    658.2                676.4              2.8
EBIT margin in %        8.3                  7.6                
Profit before tax       514.9                533.8              3.7
Profit for the period** 400.3                411.4              2.8
EPS (in EUR)            2.02                 2.09               3.5
Gearing ratio in %      65.4                 61.3               

* According to IFRS all results after Purchase Price Allocation (PPA).
** Before minority interest and hybrid capital interest.

Additional information as well as the full report about the third quarter
results of voestalpine AG as of the effective date of December 31, 2011 is
available on our website www.voestalpine.com under the category "Investors." If
you have any questions, please contact our Investor Relations Team

Further inquiry note:
DI Peter Fleischer
Head of Investor Relations
Tel.: +43/50304/15-9949
Fax:  +43/50304/55-5581

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