WISeKey Launches new affiliate, WISekey Bulgaria, coinciding with Bulgarian entrance to the EU

    Sofia and Geneva (ots) - The leading Swiss company for Internet security WISeKey entered the Bulgarian market in December 2006 with the registration of its local branch, WISeKey Bulgaria. The company is a world leader in the IT domain, offering complete solutions for net security through high-level data encryption. WISeKey effectuated the first project worldwide for voting through the Internet in the canton of Geneva in 2003. Among the most eminent clients of the firm are the Swiss federal government, the EU, the United Nations, among others.

    Up to now the WISekey Bulgarian team has prepared several projects with possible implementation mostly in State administration, especially in the context of the e-Government. A prime objective is to offer solutions to the developing e-Government sector and its synchronization with the current practices in the European Union, where the administrative reform needs new ways to organize the existing databases and the use of WISekey technologies can increase productivity, reduce the cost of Government services and enhance citizen's access to Government. The systems for non-repudiation and secure identification have a large implementation field in all the levels of State owned and private institutions.

    WISeKey offers a better management of the card holders market, where the increasing number of customers all over the South-Eastern Europe requires higher and more secure integration of the standards for e-payment.  

    "As Bulgaria is already a member of the European Union, the need for a better electronic security and access control is increasing. We aim at project in the domain of state administration, health, company management and finances, which are the fastest developing sector of the national economy", quoted Liliana Petkova, CEO WISeKey Bulgaria.

    "We are very happy to inaugurate our operations in Bulgaria. Bulgaria have carried out an extraordinary reform process and they have gone through a remarkable transformation in order to ensure their entrance on the EU, this transformation will continue on the eGovernment in cooperation with companies working on this space such as WISekey," said Carlos Moreira, Founder and President WISekey.

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