WISeKey organizes a high level meeting in Geneva between Government and Business Leaders

WISeKey organizes a high level meeting in Geneva between Government and Business Leaders
From left to right: Carlos Moreira, Chairman and Founder, WISeKey. Geneva Minister Pierre-François Unger. Biscaya Minister Iñaki Hidalgo. Further Text by ots on: https://www.presseportal.ch/de/story.htx?firmaid=100006027&lang=2. The use of this picture is for editorial purposes free of charge. Reproduction under source: "obs/Wisekey".

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A high level official delegation from the Biscayan Government, comprising the Honourable Mr. Iñaki Hidalgo, Minister of  Economy and Public Affairs (Regional Government of Biscay), members of its cabinet and  a group of Bizcayan business leaders visited Mr. Pierre-Francois Unger Minister of Economy and Health of the State Council of the Republic and Canton of Geneva as well as business counterparts.

    Geneva (ots) - The visit was aimed at studying the Geneva experience in electronic government, e-voting and the Geneva Security Forum (GSF) as well as exchanging opinions, experiences and best practices learned from the deployment of eGovernment services on their respective regions. The delegation also learnt about the advantages of WISeKey technologies and how to apply them in further advancing Bizcayan's eGovernment systems using cutting edge technologies and methodologies developed by WISeKey and Microsoft for a new paradigm in citizen-centric e-government services.

    The visit began with a meeting with Minister Unger, who gave a comprehensive review on how the Geneva Government was processing eGovernment projects and cyber administration, including its main components, the process of deploying the system to citizens and obstacles encountered by the deployment process. He also placed great emphasis on involving the health sectors and other stakeholders from the out set of the eGovernment process.

    The discussions will continue in Bilbao this year, as per the extended invitation to the Geneva authorities made by Mr. Hidalgo.

    The delegation also held a meeting with Michel Chevallier, in charge of communication of the eVoting project in Geneva, developed by the State's Centre of information technologies (CTI) with two companies operating in Geneva, Hewlett-Packard and WiseKey. The delegation ended its visit with extended meetings with Mr. Roger Tondeur, CEO MCI Events on possible cooperation with the Bilbao Exhibition Center, and Mr. Philippe Doubre, Secretary General World Trade Center to discuss the possible implementation of a World Trade Center in Bilbao.

    At the end of the visit, after visiting the United Nations headquarters in Geneva and CERN, the Biscayan delegation praised the Geneva eGovernment experience and expressed thanks and gratitude for the support that WISeKey is providing to both cities in developing the required infrastructures and technologies to compete on international markets in the area of security and egovernment.

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