Cablecom: One entire year of free phone calls

    Zurich (ots) - Cablecom digital phone and Cablecom hispeed Internet continue to be extremely successful products in the market and remain highly popular with customers. Now, customers who register for Cablecom digital phone and Cablecom hispeed Internet between September 1 and October 31 will receive an entire year of free phone calls anywhere within the Swiss fixed network-all for our basic monthly charge of only CHF 20.(1) If you prefer to subscribe only to Cablecom digital phone, you can call free for 6 months-around the clock-within the Swiss fixed network.(1)

    By the end of June 2005, just a year after the launch of Cablecom digital phone, nearly 150,000 people had subscribed to the service, while more than 310,000 customers had subscribed to Cablecom hispeed Internet. Compared to the figures for June 2004, this represents a 394% growth for digital phone and 75% for hispeed Internet. One key reason for the overwhelming success of Cablecom digital phone is our simple and revolutionary rate structure of just 3 Rappen per minute. From 7 pm to 7 am and during the entire weekend-a period totalling 65% of the time-Cablecom digital phone customers call for free on the Swiss fixed network. (1) The basic fee is only CHF 20 per month.

    One year of free calls

    Cablecom is offering a special promotion for customers who sign up for both digital phone and hispeed Internet between September 1 and October 31, 2005: one year of free phone calls around the clock within the Swiss fixed network(1). Customers who register for just digital phone during this period will receive 6 months of free phone calls within the Swiss fixed network for our basic monthly fee of CHF 20(1). This offer is unparalleled in the Swiss fixed-network market. Because Cablecom maintains its own network infrastructure, we can now make these innovative offers available.

    (1) To prevent misuse, free phone calls are limited to 50 hours per month.

    With approx. 1.5 million households and around 1700 employees, cablecom is the leading cable network operator in Switzerland. Cablecom is a multi-service provider offering solutions in the fields of analog and digital cable TV and radio, broadband Internet, telephony and business applications.

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