cablecom: Increased security for broadband internet access

    Zurich (ots)  - The issue of security on the internet has become increasingly important in recent months. Like today with "Netsky", new viruses, worms and Trojan horses are appearing almost daily. In response, cablecom has increased its communication with customers on matters of security, and is offering its customers the opportunity to protect their computers more effectively in four simple steps. In addition, cablecom has launched a joint initiative with the Infosurance foundation to encourage co-ordination and prevention on the part of internet service providers (ISP) in the area of security.

    Basic protection is recommended

    Anyone using the internet requires better protection than was previously the case. Since the security of its customers is an extremely important consideration for cablecom, the company has adopted a number of measures which should enable customers to protect their computers more effectively. The first step has been to increase communication on matters of security. The existing security portal at and has been expanded and is available to all internet users. Entry to the portal has been re-positioned on the homepage. Secondly, cablecom has extended its existing range of security-related hardware and software products to include a router with firewall functions, which can be offered to customers at attractive conditions. Like other software and hardware, this can be ordered directly via the security portal. Thirdly, cablecom is conducting tests on a (chargeable) security software package, which cablecom customers can use to ensure comprehensive security on their computers. This software package is updated continuously and charges are payable periodically.

    Four simple steps to make a computer more secure

    On the security portal, cablecom shows consumers how they can protect their computers more effectively. In addition to a wealth of security-related information, detailed explanations and corresponding links describe what a firewall is and where users can download a soft-firewall for free. Users are also given information and links to software updates from the major software manufacturers and to free anti-virus software. Finally, users are shown how to protect data from common files which are normally released by manufacturers.

    Security - an issue for the whole industry

    Even major software manufacturers are now treating security as a priority issue. This is highlighted by a leading article in the current issue of "Computerworld" and in the latest "Kassensturz" consumer watchdog programme. The issue of security is of key importance to all ISPs. As a result, cablecom has launched a joint initiative with the Infosurance foundation (, to encourage co-ordination and prevention on the part of broadband internet access service providers. With the implementation of suitable measures by all ISPs, the aim of this initiative is to improve customer security and to increase the use of recommended security measures by customers.

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