cablecom sets new standards in Swiss fixed line network telephony

    Zurich (ots) - cablecom, the leading Swiss provider of one-stop broadband Internet and telecommunications solutions, is setting new standards in the Swiss market for fixed line networks. Consumers in the majority of cablecom networks and in 44 partner networks will benefit from cablecom digital phone and its revolutionary tariff structure as from 1st July 2004: In the evening and at the weekend, so for more than half the week, call to the Swiss fixed line network will be free-of-charge!  This move by cablecom will inject new life into competition in the Swiss telecommunications market.

    Cablecom already set new standards in the broadband Internet market in November 2003 and now it is doing the same in Swiss fixed line network telephony. Cablecom is the only company in Switzerland, which, thanks to its own high-performance digital network with a total length of over 130'000 kilometers, can effectively challenge the monopolists and ensure that there is competition, which is to the advantage of the consumer. Competition leads to a better service and lower prices for consumers.

    Introduction to the market of cablecom digital phone

    Cablecom was the first digital phone provider in the world, introducing it to the Swiss market in a pilot scheme in February 2003. To start with cablecom deliberately opted for limited growth and connected 1'000 new customers a month. In the course of the project this figure was increased in stages, initially to 2'000, and then to over 3'000 new customers a month.

    The most recent surveys of cablecom digital phone customers show that the product enjoys a high level of acceptance on the market. Over 75 per cent of the 32'000 current cablecom digital phone customers port their number to cablecom. Over 65 per cent of customers use the free additional services such as the network-based telephone answering service and the caller identification service has also met with a very positive reception.

    The great demand and the high level of customer satisfaction prompted today's introduction to the market of cablecom digital phone. At the same time has surprised everyone with the introduction of a tariff structure that cannot be beaten, with charges of 0 to 3 Rappen per minute in the Swiss fixed line network.

    Free phone calls in the evening and at the weekend - it couldn't be simpler!

    Cablecom is once and for all bringing an end to the tariff jungle in the Swiss fixed line market. The new tariff structure is as follows:

                                                      New tariff*                 Swisscom
                                              as from 1st July 2004

Friday 7 pm to Monday 7 am                    Free                4 Rp. / minute

Monday to Friday, 7 pm to 7 am              Free                4 Rp. / minute

Monday to Friday, 7 am to 7 pm        3 Rp./minute         8 Rp. / minute

* These tariffs apply for calls to the Swiss fixed line network excluding dial-up Internet connections, service numbers for which there is a charge (084X and 090X numbers) and also mobile and satellite telephones.  

    Comparison of some average length telephone calls:

Weekday call, at 9 o'clock in the evening      
Duration in minutes: 9

                                          cablecom    Swisscom    Sunrise      Tele2

Tariff per minute                  0.00          0.04         0.035        0.029

Charges for duration
of call                                  0.00          0.36         0.32         0.27

Connection or rounding-off
difference                              0.00          0.04         0.03         0.035

Total                                      0.00          0.40         0.35         0.31

Saving over Swisscom         CHF 0.40
Saving as %                          100%

Weekend call, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon   Duration in minutes: 6

                                          cablecom    Swisscom    Sunrise      Tele2

Tariff per minute                  0.00          0.04         0.035        0.029

Charges for
duration of call                    0.00          0.24         0.21         0.18

Connection or rounding-off
difference                              0.00          0.06         0.03         0.035

Total                                      0.00          0.30         0.24         0.22

Saving over Swisscom         CHF 0.30
Saving as %                          100%

Weekday call, at 10 o'clock in the morning     Duration in minutes: 4

                                          cablecom    Swisscom    Sunrise      Tele2

Tariff per minute                  0.03          0.08         0.069        0.068

Charges for duration
of call                                  0.12          0.32         0.28         0.28

Connection or rounding-off
difference                              0.08          0.08         0.03         0.035

Total                                      0.20          0.40         0.31         0.32

Saving over Swisscom        CHF 0.20
Saving as %                         50 %

    International 40 - even better value tariffs for international       calls

    With the "International 40" option cablecom digital phone customers receive a whole 40 per cent discount on international calls. Customers pay a charge of CHF 3.00 per country per month and any number of countries may be selected.

Weekday call to Portugal at 11 o'clock in the morning Duration in minutes: 5

                                          cablecom    Swisscom    Sunrise      Tele2

Tariff per minute with
International 40 option         0.12          0.25         0.17         0.16

Charges for duration
of call                                  0.60          1.25         0.85         0.80

Connection or rounding-off
difference                              0.05          0.05         0.085        0.08

Total                                      0.65          1.30         0.94         0.88

Saving over Swisscom        CHF 0.65
Saving as %                         50 %

    Thanks to innovative technology cablecom has succeeded over and over again in launching new, improved, better-value products. With hispeed 100 plus digital phone the company has recently introduced a product that combined the advantages of cablecom's telephony and Internet services in one package. Cablecom hispeed 100 with digital phone is significantly faster and better value than ISDN and should be replacing this already outdated technology in the medium term.

    New bandwidths in July

    In the field of broadband Internet connections, too, cablecom is currently giving new impetus to the Swiss market. Data throughput rates were tripled in November 2003, but now cablecom is already launching the next round in which the previous hispeed 500 will become a 600 subscription with effect from July 2004. The monthly price of CHF 45.00 will remain unchanged - consumers will be getting a better service for the same price.

    Cablecom's objective is to continue in the future to be actively involved shaping of the telecommunications market in Switzerland in the interest of the consumer.

    With approx. 1.5 million households and around 1500 employees, cablecom is the leading cable network operator in Switzerland. Cablecom is a multi-service provider offering solutions in the fields of analog and digital cable TV and radio, broadband Internet, telephony and business applications.

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