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NSD Security's Secure Identity Appliance™ Receives Identrus™ Compliant Certification - Offers Identrus Financial Institutions Solution for Roaming PKI and Software Smartcards

    San Mateo, CA (ots) - NSD Security Inc., a subsidiary of Nippon
Systems Development Incorporated, and Identrus LLC, today announced
the Identrus certification of the Secure Identity Appliance™,
making available to Identrus financial institutions the only FIPS
140-1 Level 2 certified roaming PKI solution.
    The Secure Identity Appliance™ provides a single, highly secure
infrastructure that can simultaneously support a wide range of
authentication mechanisms ranging from PKI hardened passwords, to
roaming PKI to 2-Factor authentication. For organizations forced into
choosing between weak passwords and very costly smartcards, this
innovative solution offers a range of options, which can be best
matched to the needs of different applications within the business.
Leading organizations in financial services, healthcare and
government have deployed The Secure Identity Appliance™.
    "Identrus, and our participating global financial institutions,
are always looking for ways to deploy highly pragmatic Identity
Management solutions that deliver the security of PKI with the ease
of use of passwords. The Secure Identity Appliance offers both," said
Clay Epstein, senior vice president, Product and Technology,
Identrus. "Our subsidiary, Digital Signature Trust, has used the
Secure Identity Appliance for over a year to provide a roaming PKI
solution for our significant U.S. government clients, so we can
attest to its extraordinary reliability and simplicity - this really
is a market-leading product."
    "Having deployed the Secure Identity Appliance™ in our
infrastructure for mission-critical single sign-on applications in
healthcare, we are very pleased with the news of the Identrus
certification. This will allow us to use the managed service we have
built around this product to address the needs of several of our
financial clients," said John Garvey, Chief Executive Officer,
beTRUSTed Inc.
    NSD Security Inc. is a subsidiary of the NSD Group headquartered
in Tokyo, Japan. "We are very pleased with our subsidiary NSD
Security receiving this prestigious certification from Identrus,"
said Isao Ogishi, President of NSD Japan. "This further deepens our
strategic relationship with Identrus and our Identrus-Japan joint
    "This certification is yet another testament to the simple and
sensible security offered by the Secure Identity Appliance™ and
its underlying Practical PKI™ technology," said Trell Rohovit, CEO
of NSD Security.
    NSD Security Inc. will be showcasing The Secure Identity
Appliance™ at the upcoming Identrus Participant Forum in
Barcelona, Spain, September 10-12.
    About NSD Security Inc.
    NSD Security Inc., a division of the NSD Group, is focused on
delivering authentication solutions that bridge the gap between "too
weak" and "too hard." Our leading product the Secure Identity
Appliance™ can be used to deploy Virtual Smart Card, Software
Smart Cards and 2 Factor Smart Cards. The infrastructure can be used
to provide solutions for secure web access, secure remote access,
hardened single sign-on, directory hardening, roaming PKI and digital
signatures. An organization can support multiple applications with
multiple risk profiles on this single versatile infrastructure.
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