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The German IPv6 SUMMIT With a Strong Mandate to Be Held in Bonn Bad Godesberg, June 29-30 - July 1, 2004


    Summit to Focus on Business, Technology & Application Models to         Ignite Large-Scale Deployment of IPv6 in Germany

    The German IPv6 Summit with strong highlights will be held June 29-30 to July 1, 2004 in Bonn -- Bad Godesberg at the Municipal Hall. (http://www.ipv6tf.de)

    At this technology deployment summit, government and industry leaders will report on applications, German and international initiatives for initial large-scale deployment of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). IPv6, the New Generation Internet, preserves everything that's good about today's Internet -- and adds much more: practically unlimited IP address space, stateless auto-configuration, mobile user support, mandatory security and many other enhancing features.

    The German IPv6 Summit is designed to highlight Germany's role in participating in the worldwide deployment of IPv6. In particular, the keynotes from

    - The Honorable Dr. Dr. van der Giet, Director of IT at the German
        Ministry of Defense and the
    - Industry keynote will be addressed by Mr. Wolfgang Schmitz-CEO  
        Executive Vice-President Technology, T-Com    

    are both expected to set the roll out roadmap for IPv6 in Germany.

    "The German Federal Ministry of Defense is very keen in taking leadership in promoting new generation Internet technologies (IPv6) and the German IPv6 Summit is an excellent milestone to demonstrate our support to IPv6 and ignite thereby large-scale deployment of IPv6 services in Germany," states Colonel Karrer at the Federal Ministry of Defense in Bonn.

    Authoritative speakers at the summit from around the world will address the major deployment enablers and the vision to make IPv6 happen in Germany. Progress on IPv6 deployment in Europe, North America and Asia will also be covered with strong focus on applications case studies and scenarios.

    "IPv6 is like gravity. It's an irresistible force. Internet ubiquity and end-to-end transparency are dual large-scale benefits worth the investment to enable Internet for everyone and everything," said Latif Ladid, IPv6 Forum President and Chairperson of the European IPv6 Task Force. "Prosperous nations explore and exploring nations prosper."

    Platinum sponsor Cisco and gold sponsors T-Com, T-Systems, Juniper and Lucent Technologies are the major supporters of this event. To become a sponsor, please contact the conference chairperson Veronika Lau (Veronika.Lau@t-com.net).

    Members of the media and industry analysts receive complimentary registration by contacting Veronika Lau (+49 171 56 14 565).

    About the IPv6 Forum

    The IPv6 Forum is a world-wide consortium of over 170 leading Internet service vendors, National Research & Education Networks (NRENs) and international ISPs, with a clear mission to promote IPv6 by improving market and user awareness, creating a quality and secure Next Generation Internet and allowing world-wide equitable access to knowledge and technology. IPv6 Summits are organized by the IPv6 Forum and staged in various locations around the world to provide industry and market with the best available information on this rapidly advancing technology. (http://www.ipv6forum.com)

    About the German IPv6 Task Force

    The German IPv6 Task Force (http://www.ipv6tf.de) is an all-volunteer initiative dedicated to the advancement and promotion of IPv6 (Internet Protocol, version 6) in Germany. Comprised of individuals, rather than corporate membership, its mission is to provide technical leadership and innovative thoughts and address challenges for the successful integration of IPv6 into all facets of networking and telecommunications infrastructure. Through its continued facilitation of technical and business cases; whitepapers, IPv6-centric conferences, IPv6 test and interoperability events, and collaboration with IPv6 task forces from around the globe, the German IPv6 Task Force will encourage the industry to begin the transition today and strive to be the guiding force for IPv6 adoption in the German Internet Community. On a national level, political and social economical aspects will be addressed by interfacing to the right local government authorities.

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