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"IPv6 Forum Creates First Published IPv6 Acceptance Standard With 'IPv6 Ready' Logo" - "Kick-off at the Global IPv6 Summit Madrid!" - "ARE YOU READY?"

    Tokyo and Boston, MA and Luxembourg (ots) - The IPv6 forum plays a major role in bringing together industrial players to help in the design, development and deployment of next generation Internet Protocols. Unlike IPv4 that started with a small closed group of implementers, the universality of IPv6 leads to a huge number of implementations on a global scale. Interoperability has always been a critical feature due to the large number of IPv6 implementations, it is essential that a single symbol be created to identify products that have been validated for true interoperability.

    As a result, the IPv6 Forum has defined the first global logo program called "IPv6 Ready." The IPv6 Ready logo will generate confidence among users that IPv6 is currently operational and those products with it have passed a set level of interoperability.The IPv6 test and conformance bodies and events building the backbone of this program are, but not limited to:

    University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab, www.iol.unh.edu/

    TAHI Test Event: www.tahi.org

    ETSI IPv6 Plugtest: www.etsi.org/plugtests

    IRISIA: www.irisa.fr/tipi

    Connectathon: www.connectathon.org

    To this end, an international task force has been at work defining the IPv6 Logo Program, chaired by Hiroshi Esaki, technically supported by Cesar Viho at Irisia in France and Ben Schultz at UNH- IOL in the US and Hiroshi Miyata (TAHI/Japan)

    "Having the globally unique evaluation criteria for components to build up the IPv6 infrastructure is very important. We, WIDE Project, have initiated the TAHI project since 1998, so as to provide the evaluation and validation of IPv6 protocol stack in each equipment. It is my great honour to run the IPv6 Logo Program, that plays important role for the global IPv6 deployment and operation." Hiroshi Esaki, Chairman of the IPv6 Logo Program and Member of the Japan IPv6 Promotion Council and WIDE Project.

    Jim Bound, Chair of the Nav6TF and IPv6 Forum Technical Directorate said: "Platforms have been shipping production IPv6 implementations, as products for some time, this program will reinforce that message in the market."

    "IPv6 is ready! Now, are you ready?" challenges Latif LADID, Chair IPv6TF, Internet Society Trustee and President of the IPv6 Forum.

    The inauguration of the IPv6 Ready program will take place at the Global IPPv6 Summit in Madrid 12-14 where the Multi-Site ETSI Plugtests is organised. www.ipv6-es.com/03/in/plugtests.php

    Background Outline & Profiles

    1st Multi-site Remote IPv6 Interoperability event


    ETSI organize the IPv6 Plugtests events where engineers get together to test the interoperability of their implementations against each other. The 1st Remote IPv6 Plugtests will 'bring together' companies and laboratories from the entire world.

    For general information about the ETSI Remote IPv6 Interoperability Event, visit the Plugtests site (www.etsi.org/plugtests/02UpcomingEvents/R-IPv6/RIPV6_home.htm).

    Simultaneously with the Madrid Global IPv6 Summit 2003, the ETSI Plugtests Interoperability Service will hold a "Multi-site Remote IPv6 Interoperability event."

    For the first time in such event, a real IPv6 environment will be available, and a permanent IPv6 link from the pan-European Euro6IX network will be used in order to offer remote testing and the opportunity for companies to participate from a distance in this Multi-site Remote IPv6 Plugtests.

    The aim is to test in site or remotely issues as:

    - IPv6 Core  
    - Mobile IPv6      
    - Transitions mechanisms (6to4, SIIT /NAT-PT)        
    - Routing        
    - Multicast        
    - IPsec


    The TAHI Project is a joint effort designed with the clear objective of developing and providing the verification technology for IPv6. www.tahi.org/

    The TAHI Project started October 1, 1998, and is managed by the following organizations:

    - WIDE Project        
    - The University of Tokyo      
    - Yokogawa Electric Corp.

    Objectives: 1. Research & Development IPv6 evaluation technology  
                        2. Support IPv6 Developers in the quality side

    With prime tasks:
    1 Research and develop conformance tests and interoperability        
        tests for IPv6.        
    2 Close cooperation between KAME Project and USAGI Project.        
    3 Open results and lessons learned of the project to the              
        public for FREE.          
    4 Hosting Ipv6 Interoperability Test Events

    University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab,

    The IOL's first mission is externally focused and is to provide testing services for vendors of computer communications devices. The IOL is involved in research and development work, but is mainly used by a community of over 200 vendors to verify the interoperability and/or conformance of their computer communications products. This service of the IOL is performed through independent focused interest groups in the lab which we call consortiums. The IOL currently has 14 consortiums in operation to test the following computer communications technologies: 10-Gigabit Ethernet, ADSL, Bridge Functions, DOCSIS, Fast Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, IPv6, iSCSI, MPLS, Routing, SHDSL and Wireless 802.11. The IOL also offers contracted testing services in Ethernet (10Base-T). www.iol.unh.edu/

    The Interoperabilitiy testing will be also organized by the partners of the IPv6 Ready Program in South Korea, China, Taiwan and India. Details on these organizations and contacts will be published on the web page.

    For further information, please contact each specific project coordinating team or their websites:

    IPv6 Ready Program

    Temporary Web Site:


    Official web site (under construction) www.ipv6ready.org

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Hiroshi Esaki
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Jim Bound
Email: Jim.bound@hp.com

Latif Ladid
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