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Emil Flachsmann AG - Change of name to Frutarom Switzerland Ltd.

    Wädenswil (ots) - In June 2003, Frutarom Industries Limited acquired Emil Flachsmann AG. Flachsmann will be integrated completely into the Frutarom Group as a distinguishable new member and will be given a new name with immediate effect, namely Frutarom Switzerland Ltd. The new company name will combine the strengths of the two companies, the goal being to strengthen the company's position on the worldwide market for flavors and plant extracts. As to date, the new name will stand for quality, service, and reliability. Moreover, the core values - the foundations of the company - will continue to be upheld. The names "Flachsmann" and "EFLA" will continue to be used and communicated actively as brands and seals of quality.


    Integration measures are proceeding according to plan. The definition of future locations as well as a network of distributors and agents has been practically concluded. Thanks to synergies with the Frutarom product range, Flachmann's range of products to date - high quality flavors and plant extracts - will be complemented in a most promising manner. Over the course of the next few months, the flavor portfolios of Flachsmann and Frutarom will be brought together and mutually completed to ensure optimum results. Frutarom's internationally renowned citrus flavors constitute a major enrichment for the product range. Services such as flavor analysis, creation, and application in the areas beverages, dairy products, sweets and confectionery will continue to be provided in a most competent manner. Within the Frutarom Group, Flachsmann plant extracts will play a very important role. The location in Waedenswil will be advanced to become an international competence center for first-rate Flachsmann plant extracts. Focus will continue to be placed on extensive R&D activities, on the competent drawing up of documentation as well as on technologically superior, standardized and partially patented extraction procedures. We will continue to adhere to the philosophy of a multi-component system. The brands "Flachsmann" and "EFLA" support the positioning of products on the global market as well as reflecting our active patents policy.


    Frutarom Switzerland Ltd. will contribute significantly to strengthening and consolidating the global standing of the Frutarom Group. In the flavors and plant extracts industry, with a sales volume exceeding US$ 150 million, the Frutarom Group is an important player.

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