WEB Addresses Take On New Look As Multilingual & Symbol-Based Capability Launched

Belize and Toronto (ots) -

    The dot.BZ Registry Opens Doors, Now Accepting Domain Name     Registrations In Foreign Characters And Keyboard Symbols Such As$, www.!!!.bz, www.m&

    Neteka Inc. today announced it's International Domain Name Server (DNS) has gone live on the dot.BZ Registry, extending the Internet's accepted character set for Uniform Resource Locator (URL) addresses from English letters and numbers, to the thousands of symbols and letters of the world's many alphabets. Web addresses supporting the world's languages give the non-English Internet community a chance to break free from the confines of the English alphabet. In addition, the expanded character set gives rise to untapped creative opportunities to combine symbols and letters for unique Web addresses.

    Today's announcement was made possible by the partnership announced in November 2001 between University Management Limited, the dot.BZ Registry manager, and Neteka Inc., an expert in multilingual web domain and email naming technology.

    "The ability to create any domain name, regardless of language, will ignite registrations in the dot.BZ domain and satisfy a very real demand for symbol and non-English web addresses." said Greg Bertrand, Chief Operating Officer of Neteka Inc.

    Dot.BZ is the third Internet Registry to deploy Neteka's unique server side DNS technology. The use of International DNS is gaining in popularity as Internet users seek ways to avoid downloading and installing plug-in software needed to surf the web in foreign languages. The dot.BZ domain provides an important opportunity to expand the number of Internet domain addresses available.

    Verisign, the registry manager for, recently identified International Domain Names and email addresses as one of the largest opportunities for growth of domain name registrations in 2003. Neteka participates in the ICANN and IETF working group to develop a standard for International domains and to promote a seamless transition to that standard.

    "Neteka's unique server software was the key differentiator for us," said Juan Carlos Namis, general manager of UML. "This enables the dot.BZ registry to offer Multilingual and Symbol-based domain names that are immediately and universally accessible over the Internet. We feel strongly that users should not need to download custom client software or be restricted to specific Internet browsers to access these websites. The potential for this market is enormous, the next stage of the evolution of the Internet."

    Multilingual and symbol dot.BZ names are now available through a select group of global registrars including, and These registrars use the secure registration software provided by the dot.BZ registry, including translation of English words and names into other languages. Registrants will be able to activate multilingual and symbol email accounts and set up hosting for their new addresses.

    About Neteka (w!

    Neteka specializes in multilingual Domain Name (DNS) and email     Server software.

    About University Management Ltd (

    UML is a private commercial registry established to manage     Belize's ccTLD "dot.BZ".

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Greg Bertrand
Chief Operating Officer
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Juan Carlos Namis
Phone +11/501-25-4052

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