TRUMPF Group: High Double-Digit Growth in all Business Sectors

    Ditzingen, Germany (ots) - The TRUMPF Group ended fiscal 2000/2001 (July 1, 2000 to June 30, 2001) with record results. Consolidated sales rose to Euro 1.22 billion/US $1.09 billion (previous year: Euro 1.01 billion/US $896 million). This figure represents an increase of 21 percent. There was also an increase in the number of orders received. They rose 13 percent to Euro 1.24 billion/US $1.14 billion.

    During the past fiscal year, TRUMPF strengthened its position as the world market leader for industrial lasers and furthered its position as a leading machine tool manufacturer. TRUMPF profited in all areas from the strong demand for high technology and from a generally favorable economic situation, despite the weakened economy during the second half of the fiscal year (i.e. January to June 2001).

    The highest growth rates were registered in the laser technology and electronics sectors. The proportion of consolidated sales of laser technology-related products increased to 65 percent.

    Globalization Central to Success

    The TRUMPF Group achieved strong growth in Western Europe (+15 percent), and very strong growth in Germany (+20 percent). TRUMPF's highest rates of growth occurred in the Asia-Pacific region (+58 percent), where they built upon the previous year's growth, and in Eastern Europe, where they achieved an above-average increase in sales (+62 percent).

    In North America, where the investment climate cooled sharply, the company still managed to increase its sales in US dollar by +3 percent, and its sales in Euro, due to exchange rate effects, by +15 percent. Overall, 68 percent of consolidated sales were achieved outside Germany.

    Satisfactory Increase in Profits - Strong Equity Capitalization

    Earnings before interests and taxes (EBIT) increased by 22 percent to Euro 145 million/US $125 million. This is equivalent to a pre-tax yield of 11.9 percent. The annual net profit for the TRUMPF Group amounted to Euro 95 million/US $81 million.

    The positive development in earnings was due to the introduction of innovative new products, productivity increases, and also the tremendous sales expansion.

    Cash flow after taxes totaled Euro 116 million/US $100 million (+24 percent). The equity ratio amounted to 44 percent. Thus, TRUMPF is very well equipped for the future.

    Additional Jobs Created Worldwide

    The overall number of TRUMPF employees rose by 9 percent to 5,219 (as of June 30, 2001). In Germany, the personnel figure increased by 5 percent to 3,416, and outside Germany by 18 percent to 1,803.

    High Investment in Infrastructure and R&D      TRUMPF invested
approximately 7 percent of its revenue - or Euro 83 million/US $71
million (+21 percent) - in tangible and intangible assets. Capacity
was expanded at central production locations worldwide. Construction
of a new distribution center, measuring 9,000 square meters (97,000
square feet), recently began in Ditzingen, Germany.

    A total of Euro 70 million/US $63 million (+29 percent) was invested in research and development. The R&D quota now amounts to 5.8 percent of sales. This R&D figure is exceeded in TRUMPF's laser and electronics unit and is now far into double digits.

    Outlook: Cautious Optimism

    In the light of the current world events, the company is expecting their business activities in fiscal 2001/2002 to be more subdued. Even under these more difficult circumstances, however, TRUMPF will be making every effort to repeat its record performance of the previous year.

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