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Exclusive services with Premier from Orange - New offer for discerning mobile users

    Lausanne (ots) - Orange is introducing Premier, an add-on service for discerning customers. Premier offers the following benefits: mobile phone replacement within 24 hours if lost or stolen, premium level Customer Care, our most attractive zone rates for calls abroad and 50 inclusive SMS. The Option is available now and costs CHF 15 a month.  

    Our more discerning mobile users use their mobile phones differently. They use more services than the majority of other mobile customers. Email, contacts, appointments and documents are all managed via mobile phone. They also make considerable use of their mobile phones while on trips abroad. With Premier, Orange can offer these more discerning mobile users a package of exclusive add-on services:

    24-hour mobile phone replacement

    In Switzerland, a lost or stolen mobile phone will be replaced within 12 to 24 hours free of charge. Where necessary, the Premier Customer Care team will also organize deliveries abroad. Delivery normally takes upwards of 2 days.

    Favorable zone rates for private customers for calls abroad

Zones              Local calls                         International calls  
                      CHF/min.                              in Switzerland CHF/min.

                      with          without                with            without
                      Premier      Premier                Premier        Premier
In Switzerland's
countries        0.90            1.10                    1.30            1.70

Europe            0.90            1.20                    1.30            2.00

Europe            0.90            1.30                    1.70            2.90
Hawaii (USA),
New Zealand,
USA                 0.95            2.00                  1.80            3.00

Rest of
the World      0.95              2.20                  2.10            4.80

    Premier Customer Care

    Specially trained Customer Care representatives will respond quickly and efficiently to all questions relating to mobile telecommunication and are on hand to help Premier customers 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

    50 inclusive SMS a month (SMS within Switzerland)

Premier costs CHF 15 a month. Minimum term for the Option is three months.

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Orange Communications SA
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