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The latest offer from Orange - the BlackBerry Internet Service - New service for the BlackBerry 7290

    Lausanne (ots) - Orange is now offering the BlackBerry Internet Service for the BlackBerry 7290, making it possible for  small businesses, the self-employed and even private users to take advantage of the popular 'Push' function when receiving emails on the move. Combined with the Blackberry Internet Service, the BlackBerry 7290 can manage up to ten email accounts. Orange is the first and only mobile operator in Switzerland offering the BlackBerry Internet Service.

    "For many self-employed professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, architects, consultants, journalists, etc, mobile email is an essential tool of their trade, enabling them to process and forward time-critical information on the move. The BlackBerry Internet Service allows you to enjoy the benefits of the BlackBerry service - as currently enjoyed by larger enterprises - without having to invest in a complete server infrastructure," says Roland Stettler, Vice President Business Channels for Orange.

    Until now, only employees in companies with their own messaging server infrastructure (Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes/Lotus Domino) and a BlackBerry Enterprise Server were able to benefit from the BlackBerry device in Switzerland. Now, thanks to the new offer from Orange, the BlackBerry 7290 together with the BlackBerry Internet Service - the popular multi-function solution with the 'Push' function for emails - is available for small businesses, the self employed and private customers. As part of the offer, the BlackBerry Internet Service offers a new email account ( Access to further email accounts can be gained through this single email account, regardless of who the Internet provider (e.g. Bluewin, Green, Hispeed, Orangemail, etc.) for emails is. Emails are collected by the BlackBerry Internet Service from the respective email accounts and transferred to the BlackBerry 7290 using the 'Push' function. In this way, the BlackBerry Internet Service provides users with the potential to manage up to ten business or private email accounts (POP3/IMAP). A range of settings for the email account as, signature and the management of the attachements can be carried out from a PC or laptop via the BlackBerry Internet Service website.

    BlackBerry devices now enjoy near cult status thanks to the synthesis of mobile phone and email functionality. The BlackBerry 7290 is a quad-band mobile telephone (with 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz) with integrated functions for email, calendar, organizer, Internet and text messaging. The QWERTZ keyboard and simplified trackwheel navigation makes handling easy and intuitive. The 240 x 160 pixel screen can display over 65,000 colours and bluetooth allows the use of wireless headsets.

    Sale and Price

    The BlackBerry 7290, together with the BlackBerry Internet Service is available now at  Orange locations.

The Price:

Price Plan        Monthly fee                                12 month        24 month
                            CHF                                        contract        contract
                                                                         Price CHF      Price CHF

Optima 400        CHF 141.- (400 incl. minutes)      449.-         349.-
Advanced Plus  CHF  89.-

Optima 100        CHF  46.- (100 incl. minutes)      499.-         399.-
Advanced          CHF  50.-

Optima    30      CHF  31.- (30 incl. minutes)        539.-          439.-
Personal          CHF  20.-

Without a Price Plan CHF 999.-

    The BlackBerry Internet Service costs CHF 30.-/month per user. This includes 3MB for data traffic (email, web browsing). Additional data traffic costs CHF 10.- for each additional MB. Browsing on the mobile portal Orange World is unlimited and free of charge.

    Notes to the Press:

    Further information on the BlackBerry 7290 and the BlackBerry Internet Service can be found on the Orange website at Click 'About Us' in the 'Press' section to download high-resolution images of the BlackBerry 7290.

    A trial of the BlackBerry 7290 with the BlackBerry Internet Service is available for the press. To order you trial send an email to: .

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