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The new Treo 650 from Orange has arrived - PalmOS-based smartphone

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Orange is the first mobile communications provider in Switzerland to offer the new Treo 650. The new Treo 650 from Orange comes with PalmOS, integrated QWERTY-keypad and camera, e-mail and Internet access, calendar, contacts, to do list, memos, multimedia and many other functions - everything you need for mobile working and entertainment. With numerous additional applications and specially developed business solutions (e.g. MobileFinder), the Treo 650 will appeal particularly to companies.

    Lausanne (ots) - The Treo 650 from Orange is a compact, fully equipped mobile phone with a Palm OS organiser. It provides all the mobile communication options you need (SMS, MMS, messaging, e-mail, Internet) to stay organised and keep in touch while you are away, whether with the company, your customers and business partners or with family and friends.

    Its predecessor, the Treo 600, is one of the four best-selling smartphones in Europe. As a result of its partnership with palmOne, Orange is able to offer a PalmOS-operated smartphone in the shape of the Treo 650, that is specifically geared to the needs of its customers. For the first two months following its launch, Orange will be the only mobile communication provider to offer its Treo 650 on the Swiss market. In comparison with the standard Treo 650, the Orange Treo 650 comes with the following additional features:

- Orange Homescreen: direct access to contacts, telephone call lists,   SMS, MMS, e-mail, calendar, camera and Orange World.

- Orange Backup: Backup of Treo 650 data (SIM contacts, contacts,   calendar, tasks, notes, pictures) on the Orange backup server -   available with Express option without additional charges.

- Orange Download: Additional applications, demos and backgrounds for   the Treo 650 from Orange.

- Orange Try Card: 32 MB memory card with trial versions of various   business and entertainment applications (currency calculator, route   planner, translation programme, games, Star Wars trailer).

    MobileFinder: Vehicle control with the Treo 650

    Along with all the functions you expect nowadays from a smartphone (see separate data sheet for details), the Orange Treo 650 gives you the option of adding numerous additional applications as well as specially developed solutions for businesses. It is, therefore, a particularly useful communication and information tool for companies.

    As an example, MobileFinder, a GSM/GPS-based location-finding system, allows companies to identifythe location of vehicles on fieldwork or service call-out at any time using the Orange Treo 650 This is a particularly useful feature for small and medium-sized companies, where the managing director or controller is generally also out of the office You can find out more about MobileFinder at: or from Orange Business Customer Care on 0800 700 600 or by e-mail: .

    Sale and Prices

    The Orange Treo 650 is available now wherever you find Orange offers.


Price plan                      with 12-month                with 24-month
                                      Contract                        Contract
                                      CHF                                CHF

Optima 400
CHF 141.- / month          449.-                            399.-
400 min. incl.

Optima 100
CHF 46.- / month            549.-                            449.-
100 min. incl.

Optima    30
CHF 31.- / month            589.-                            489.-
30 min. incl.

                                      without price plan CHF 999.-

    Find out more about the Orange Treo 650 on the Orange website at You will also find downloadable, high-resolution pictures of the Orange Treo 650 in the "Press" section under the heading "About Us".

    We would be glad to provide the press with test models of the Treo 650. To order a test model, please send an e-mail to: .

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