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Bilanz Telecom rating - mobile telephony: Orange once again in first place

    Lausanne (ots) - According to the latest Telecom rating published by Bilanz economics journal, Orange has been able to defend its first place position from the previous year. In the survey carried out with the help of business customers representing all the operators, Orange once again received the most number of points in the mobile phone sector. The categories analyzed were quality, innovation, service, price and flexibility

    For the fifth time the Bilanz economics journal carried out a survey of around 12,000 data processing and telecom managers from Swiss companies with the help of an external management consultancy. The results were published in the latest edition of the Bilanz. In this connection, Orange came out top for the second consecutive time in terms of mobile phone operators. At the same time, Orange successfully increased the results it achieved in the previous year in almost all categories.

    Andreas S. Wetter, CEO of Orange Switzerland, commented: "The result confirms that our strategy is right. "Right from the start we have aimed for flexible and easily functioning offers at affordable prices in the business customer sector. In addition, our Business Care Team ensures our business customers receive special care."

    In this year's survey Orange was able to achieve increases in the sections on quality, innovation and flexibility. But the company achieved the greatest improvement in the customer support category, where the creation of the Business Care Teams and expansion of advice for business customers at Orange sales centers paid off. Orange was able to further enhance its reputation as an innovative company by launching the signature phones Treo 600, SPV E200, M1000 and C500, and with innovative solutions in the sector of mobile data synchronization for small and medium-sized companies.

    Overview of the Bilanz rating

Mobile telephony 2004

Rank    Operator  Point    Quality    Inno-    Price    Flexi-    Support
                          Total                    vation                bility
1        Orange        20.3        4.3         4.5        3.2        4.3          4.0      
2        Sunrise      19.9        4.6         4.1        3.1        4.4          3.7
3        Swisscom    19.6        4.8         4.1        2.9        4.1          3.7

Market average      19.8        4.7         4.2        3.0        4.2          3.8

Mobile telephony 2003

Rank    Operator  Point    Quality    Inno-    Price    Flexi-    Support
                          Total                    vation                bility

1        Orange         19.3        4.1        4.3        3.3        4.1          3.5
2        Sunrise        19.0        4.2        4.1        3.1        4.4          3.2
3        Swisscom      18.9        4.6        4.1        2.7        3.9          3.6

Market average        19.0        4.5        4.2        2.9        4.1          3.5

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