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New Orange Signature Phones - Easy and useful: The new Orange mobile phones

    Lausanne (ots) - Six new Orange mobile phones (Orange Signature Phones) are now available: Motorola V220, Sagem MyX5-2, Samsung SGH-E800, Siemens C65 and CX65 and the SonyEricsson K700i. Orange mobile phones are pre-configured for all voice and data communications. Menu navigation is simple and the mobile phones are specially configured for immediate use. All the most useful services (e.g. e-mail, MMS, Orange World, etc..) are easily accessible with a simple single press of a button.

    Design, price, functions, brand name are just some of the many criteria on which people base their decision when buying a new mobile phone. In order to ensure that its mobile phones (Orange Signature Phones) are immediately ready to use the moment you get them home and that all the most useful services and functionalities are easily accessible, Orange pre-configures its devices with specially adapted menu navigation and functionalities. A simplified user's manual compiled by Orange also offers additional support. The six new Orange mobile phones are now available from all Orange owned Points of Sale.

    The Motorola V220 for the fashion-conscious

    The Motorola V220, with its smart chrome "flip" design is both stylish and elegant. Its convincing features include standby time of up to 9 days, talk time 4 hours, 65k colour display, Java, mobile Internet, polyphonic ringtones and a built-in camera. The Orange Motorola V220 has everything a mobile phone should offer.

    The user-friendly Sagem MyX5-2

    The Sagem MyX5-2 is highly impressive thanks to its user-friendly handling. The value-for-money Sagem MyX5-2 offers a whole raft of features now found on every mobile phone: Tri-band, calendar, mobile Internet (WAP, xHTML), games (Java), hands-free function, etc. Anyone who likes a change and wants to personalise their Sagem MyX5-2 will particularly appreciate the interchangeable covers.

    The seriously fun Samsung SGH-E800

    For the first time, it's now possible to get a Samsung as an Orange mobile phone (Signature Phone). The Samsung SGH-E800 is aimed at anyone who wants fun and entertainment from their mobile phone. Apart from making calls (Tri-band), you can have serious fun playing games (Java), taking photos, playing music, surfing (mobile Internet) and sending messages (SMS, MMS) with the Samsung SGH-E800. On the "serious side" it's a winner with its calendar, organiser, pocket calculator, currency converter and task list. The Orange Samsung is available from all Orange owned Points of Sale, The Phonehouse and Mobilezone.

    Siemens C65 and CX65: Work-life balance

    The Orange Signature Phone range is also including Siemens mobile phones for the first time. You can tell immediately at a glance that the Siemens C65 is a leisure mobile phone, while the CX65 is a workhorse. While their basic functions are the same (Tri-band, built-in camera, MMS, mobile Internet, Java, polyphonic ringtones, etc..), the two Orange mobile phones differ in their use. The Siemens CX65 offers a larger screen, PC synchronisation, an integrated e-mail account, camera with video function, etc., as well as an additional range of features aimed especially at professional users. Both Orange mobile phones are available from all Orange owned Points of Sale, The Phonehouse and Mobilezone.

    SonyEricsson K700i - the mobile communications centre for the     demanding user

    The K700i startup screen gives you direct access to Orange World, News & sport, Kiosk, e-mails and ringtones. With the K700i Triband mobile, you can be reachable almost all over the world. E-mails, calendar, tasks and notes can be synchronised over Bluetooth or cable with comparable software programmes on your PC or PDA. Photos or video clips taken with the built-in camera on the K700i can be filed quickly and easily. With seven hours' talk time and twelve days' standby time, the K700i is a dependable communications centre for users who are always on the go. The Orange SonyEricsson K700i is available from all Orange owned Points of Sale, The Phonehouse and Mobilezone.

    Further details on Orange mobile phones, Orange and other Orange products and services can be found on the web site at:

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