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30.07.2001 – 08:20

F Ltd

CRO - F magazine - Media Communication Network
F magazine Scores on the Cutting Edge of Digital Entertainment

    London, England (ots)

The world's first interactive multi
channel network for art, music, fashion and sport will burst onto the
e-commerce scene with sensory flair on August 1st. The Web based
product, a media phenomenon, delivers a multi-dimensional ezine that
outshines the traditional glossy magazine. F magazine's marriage of
trendy twins, entertainment and modern technology, creates a visual
and audio indulgence with ingenious uses of sound, video and graphic
    Popular lifestyle subjects and eye-catching ads capture the latest
trends in a brand new reader-dazzling format. Light, colour, sound,
movement! More like a production than a publication, F
takes readers where they want to go in decidedly upscale fashion.
    With backgrounds in publishing, fashion and photography, the
founders designed F for the burgeoning 'Digital
Generation'. Seeking a superior niche in the exploding e-commerce
market, they developed the unique Internet environment of music,
wearable and interior fashion, art, beauty, sports, food and 10 pay
per view channels for live events.
    F, both a visual feast for the eye, and an audio
treat for the ear, targets young, upwardly mobile tech-savvy
consumers, both male and female. Predominately geared to eighteen to
thirty-five year-olds, this unprecedented multi media extravaganza on
the Web lends itself to all ages. With a simple click of the mouse,
consumers can navigate easily through F magazine's rich variety of
    F magazine's transformation of a publication's traditional one-way
communication to an interactive medium is revolutionary. The site's
explosion of sound and image dramatizes trend-setting lifestyle
subject matter and boots up editorial content.
    User-friendly F leads the navigator through the
content with a non-linear movement of numbered pages that can be
browsed through, leaf by leaf. With bold graphic design, plus music
and video imaging, the interactive format exceeds that of a glossy
    F travels on the cutting edge of the digital highway.
With the development of broadband technology, the future of Internet
traffic rushes down a one-way street called 'digital,' delivering
speed and larger loads of data. Log onto for a
rapid transfer of scintillating data in a dynamic medium of substance
and style.
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F Ltd
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