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    Berlin (ots) - On its channel "Stadtleben" (city life), presents moving images from the life of the metropolis and time travels into very recent history.

    This year, Berlin hotels are expecting almost 11 million overnight stays. Millions of other visitors will stay with friends or acquaintances, coming for the Love Parade or just for a day trip. For Berlin flair, the curious, the fans and the casual browsers might pick up a bit of atmosphere at Starting immediately in its "Berlin Rundum" (all around Berlin) section, a webcam sends 360° panorama pictures from the Neuen Kranzlereck near the Kurfuerstendamm. These pictures will be updated every hour. The viewer can move around within the image and change the line of sight - just as if he were on the spot.

    The virtual time travels on are also very exciting for the actual visitor. They demonstrate impressively how prominent places changed from the point of view of town planning over the last few years. Shown in fast motion, the redevelopment of Potsdamer Platz becomes more comprehensible; the development from Europe's largest building site to a center of the New Berlin is presented very vividly to the viewer. Taking the Spreebogen (a bend in the Spree river) as an example, one can reconstruct the emergence of the new parliamentary and government district of Berlin since 1996.

    In addition to the Berlin panoramas and time travels, offers a great variety of information on Berlin, of special interest to travelers visiting the city. On, the user can easily find important travel and entertainment tips.

    Further information on "Berlin Rundum" - All around Berlin - can be found on is a new portal provided by Ullstein GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of the publisher Axel Springer Verlag AG. Offering recent news from Berlin and the entire world, is more than just a portal for Berlin. No matter what the taste - sports, family or culture - offers an extra channel with special service offerings.

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