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Chineses CETC-Chinacomm delegation visits VIA NET.WORKS

    Zurich (ots) - VIA NET.WORKS (Schweiz) AG, a company of Solution24 AG, receives high-ranking delegation of CETC-Chinacomm in Switzerland.

    CETC-Chinacomm is one of the biggest telecommunications provider in China and a partner of VIA NET.WORKS. In May 2005 both parties signed a partner agreement and have been in an enriching business relationship since. During the five day visit, the two partners focused on the internet and telecommunications market in China and Switzerland, the establishment of the area wide WiMAX network and numerous ongoing VPN, datacenter and ADSL projects.

    Picture www.vianetworks.ch/china: Ma Liming, Director of Networks Maintenance Department CETC-Chinacomm; Franz Grüter, President & CEO VIA NET.WORKS (Schweiz) AG; Zhou Jianxin, Director of Market Department CETC-Chinacomm; Helen Vonrufs, Business Consultant

    «Swiss and European companies benefit from direct net access in China», explains Franz Grüter, Chairman and CEO of VIA NET.WORKS. CETC-Chinacomm has its main branch in Beijing and other branches in major cities throughout the country and is represented with carrier licenses and modern fiber-optic local area network in all Chinese provinces. WiMAX's own network is being under way and will be started running beginning of 2006.

    "China is a market with huge growth - in the past year the Chinese economic growth was 9.5 per cent and this is not about to change this year", Franz Grüter carries on. "An economic growth like the one of China is an enormous chance for European companies. More and more companies open branches in China or team up with Chinese partner-companies. This increases the demand for reliable international VPN-connections and other telecommunication and IT services, such as Housing, Access, Terminal Server solutions and VoIP-telephony, exponentially. Together with our partner CETC-Chinacomm we can provide these services, offering guaranteed Service Level Agreement and round-the-clock support", Franz Grüter points out.

    The promotion of mutual trust, the consolidation of personal contacts and an optimized cooperation are the results of Chinacomm's visit in Switzerland. "Thanks to this thriving partnership our customers can be reassured that their telecommunications and IT problems are in good hands in China. In the knowledge that they have a competent partner, our customer can focus on their core business and the opening up of the Chinese market. You can even leave the Chinese-translation of your webpage to us", Mr. Grüter adds.

    The demand for telecommunications and IT services has already crossed the Swiss boarders. Numerous requests from Germany, Austria and Italy are being dealt with by CETC-Chinacomm and VIA NET.WORKS and other distribution deals in Europe are planned.

    VIA NET.WORKS Zurich, Geneva, Shanghai, International Business: Full Service Internet- and IT-Provider - We Connect the World, www.vianetworks.ch/china

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