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Appear Networks Launches the First Context-Aware Voice Over Wireless LAN Platform

    Stockholm, Sweden, November 29 (ots/PRNewswire) -

    - Intelligent Platform Developed with Peer2Phone and Neotilus Delivers  Location-based VoIP Functionality

    Appear Networks (Appear), a leading provider of context-aware application provisioning software for wireless networks, and Neotilus, a mobile telecommunications systems integrator, today announced the ability to deploy context-aware solutions for the rapidly emerging Voice Over WiFi (VoWiFi) market via a fully integrated context-aware Voice Over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN) platform. The platform, collaboratively developed by Neotilus, Appear, and Peer2Phone, utilises the Appear Server's context-aware technology and Peer2Phone's Wingman VoIP client.

    By adding a layer of context-aware intelligence to the VoWLAN platform, WiFi hotspot operators can now generate new revenue opportunities or recognise cost-savings with compelling location-based Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) functionality. The Appear Server 4.4 software platform provisions services and applications over wireless networks to end user mobile devices. Appear's context-aware engine instantaneously screens content through pre-determined contextual filters such as time, location, user profile and type of device in order to present relevant, personalised content to an end user's device.

    Peer2phone's VoIP solution platform for Wireless Services includes back-office architecture and comprehensive softphone with VoIP capabilities that works on both wired and wireless networks enabling full interoperability between IP and classic telephony networks. The Wingman client embeds an audio compression technology and a Peer to Peer technology layer enabling phone communications on all types of networks.

    To access the VoWLAN function, a VoIP icon appears instantly on a users screen upon entering a configured hotspot. Appear's "Click & Run(TM)" application provisioning technology automatically downloads the VoIP application, installs and executes the application locally on the user's device, in a single click, facilitating a zero-configuration, hassle-free user experience.

    Using the geo-localisation feature, a railway employee working on-site may request emergency back-up support from his nearest colleague. By clicking a single button to activate the location-based VoIP application on his mobile device, the platform will automatically register the caller's location, identify the location of his closest connected colleague, and intelligently route the call to the right person, dramatically decreasing time to call completion. While GSM phones and Personal Mobile Radios provide the ability to connect with other employees, no location or other contextual information is exchanged and valuable time may be lost trying to call, connect with and determine the location of the nearest employee.

    The Appear platform also enables videos or pictures to be rapidly exchanged over high transmission speeds using the new generation of PDAs and smartphones that include high-resolution digital cameras. A security employee in an airport can send a short video clip of a suspicious situation as he initiates a VoIP call to his command center. A maintenance employee can send a high-resolution digital picture or video of a piece of equipment that is malfunctioning in order to obtain specific repair instructions from a centralised service center.

    In addition to realising cost-savings by completing telephone calls over a VoIP network, the context-aware intelligence resident in the Appear platform enables users to specifically define how to communicate with colleagues, boosting employee productivity. Upon entering a designated conference room, a user's status may be modified to reflect a busy status related to his current location and all calls will automatically be routed to voicemail, allowing only the receipt of emails or instant messages. A busy status could be further modified to only accept calls only from a designated number. If a manager's call status is recognized as busy, incoming employee calls can be programmed to route automatically to an available supervisor.

    "Appear's product has already been successfully deployed by more than 15 transportation and telecom operators through out Europe," said Yvan Gravier, Managing Director for Neotilus. "In France, some of these customers are already experimenting with context-aware VoIP functions. It was a logical step to create a packaged offering combining these two "best of breed" components to offer innovative functionality such as location-aware skins - the VoIP client automatically adapts its appearance to reflect the venue from which the user's call is originating."

    "Offering VoIP services automatically to hotspot newcomers with Click & Run application provisioning technology is a significant IP telephony milestone and will certainly pave the way for new uses of mobile office and CRM" said David Latos, VP Sales & Marketing for Peer2Phone, "Combining Appear Networks context-aware solutions with Neotilus system integration knowledge elevates wireless services to new heights and we are pleased to participate in this groundbreaking collaboration".

    "The convergence of VoIP, WLAN and context-aware technologies create a new platform that offers direct cost savings and dramatic increases in employee productivity." said Xavier Aubry, VP Sales & Marketing for Appear Networks. "With Neotilus, the VoIP market can now benefit from the context-aware capabilities of the Appear Server integrated with the Peer2Phone communication solution."

    About Appear Networks:

    Appear Networks is a leading provider of context-aware application provisioning software for wireless networks. The Appear Server enables both network operators and venue owners to deliver personalised, location based, time specific wireless applications to end user mobile devices. Appear Networks partners with leading IT companies such as Capgemini, Cisco, Intel and Fujitsu-Siemens Computers. Customers include large corporations such as RATP (French Subway), SNCF (French Railway), SL (Stockholm Public Transportation Authority), Connex (Veolia Environnement group), FMV (Swedish Defence), Sagem Defence & Security and Telecom Operators such as France Telecom. Appear Networks is privately held, and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden

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