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12.11.2004 – 13:23

Orange Communications SA

Orange: launch of UMTS proceeds according to plan - Focus on offers for business customers

    Lausanne (ots)

Orange Switzerland has opted for a phased introduction of UMTS services in Switzerland. In so doing, Orange is focusing primarily on significant locations for business customers with the highest possible, permanently available transfer capabilities on the UMTS network.

    The construction of the Orange UMTS network is proceeding according to plan. By the end of 2004, the network will cover more than 50% of the Swiss population. The network will be brought into service in stages, starting in Zurich in the final quarter of 2004. Selected business customers with UMTS data cards in the Zurich area will be able to benefit as of this year from a far higher mobile data throughput. In 2005, the launch of UMTS will continue in other cities and regions and will also become available to private customers.

    Orange has already selected the first series of UMTS mobile phones at group level. Orange Switzerland will be introducing the selected UMTS mobile phones in Switzerland in early 2005. As with the previous Orange mobile phones (Signature Phones), the new devices have been chosen for their high quality and easy handling for customers.

    UMTS offers customers new broadband mobile access to data and the Internet. Other uses include, for example, mobile video applications. In the business environment in particular, UMTS and its uses in association with WLAN will strengthen the trend of opting for full-value business solutions with mobile devices, such as laptops, tablet PCs, PDAs, etc. and radically change in-company work methods in the coming years.

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