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friendlyway breathes new life into tired large-scale screens / Multimedia XXL links information stands with large-scale displays

    Munich, Germany (ots) - As announced by the Munich-based friendlyway AG, the new friendlyway Multimedia XXL product was unveiled for the first time to the public this week. Using the Multimedia XXL product, multimedia advertising displays, which have been passive hitherto, will become interactive. To this end, a special control device was developed enabling media content on the large-scale displays to be controlled from one of the friend@public computer columns (information terminal) standing in front.

    This new technology combination is geared, above all, to meet the requirements of product presentations, sales consultancy and animation as well as banking and trade services. In the future, Multimedia XXL units will also be employed predominantly in banks, department stores, multi-storey car parks, airports and cinemas.

    The Multimedia XXL unit works in the following way. An interactive friend@public design-infoterminal is set up in front of the large-scale display to be controlled. Using the terminal's touch-sensitive screen, videos, for instance, can be called up, which can be shown either identically on the large-scale display or in an adapted form that remains confidential.

    Klaus Trox, board member and founder of friendlyway AG, explains that this innovation has solved two problems. "First of all, the passive advertising displays were, admittedly, becoming increasingly popular. However, customers were unable to satisfy their desire to buy aroused by the advertising. Generally, there was no opportunity to buy the product at the advertising display.

    Secondly, interactive shopping terminals were also becoming increasingly popular. However, they were often not attractive enough to make the customers curious about the offer.

    The combination of both types of technology awakens customers" curiosity straightaway, advertises the products and enables customers to satisfy their wish to purchase directly at the infoterminal", says Klaus Trox of friendlyway.

    friendlyway has concentrated on the interface of two megatrends, "online/offline" and "mobile/stationary". In the "online/offline" megatrend, banks and trade customers are bringing e-commerce into the traditional branches. In the "mobile/stationary" megatrend, these e-commerce offers can be called up and controlled from mobile end-units. Customers can, for instance, download product information electronically to their mobile computer and take it home. Against this background, friendlyway is developing technological solutions and marketing them via the friendlyway partner network throughout Europe, Asia and in America via its own subsidiary, friendlyway Inc., in San Francisco.

    With this positioning, friendlyway was voted one of Germany's leading innovative companies this spring by the "Netinvestor" magazine. Within two years, friendlyway has managed to improve its market position by leaping from 13th to 2nd place in the ratings (see iBusiness August edition 2001, published by Hightext publishing house).

    Only last year, friendlyway won second place in the prestigious StartUp competition run by McKinsey, the Sparkasse savings banks and Stern magazine, ahead of 1,300 competitors across Germany.

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