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friendlyway launches skills centre for mobile customer communications:
first applications for iPAQ and Palm already implemented

    Munich, Germany (ots) - friendlyway AG launched the skills centre for mobile customer communications in Unterföhring, near Munich, in June. Its sphere of activity is to develop new products for mobile computer systems such as iPAQ from COMPAQ or Palm from Palm Pilot. The development centre will also continue to develop its mobile information products on behalf of customers.

    In fact, friendlyway is currently preparing a telematics product based on the Compaq iPAQ system for a major customer. This product will enable customers to handle mobile information depending on their location. In this way clients will, for instance, be able to view the latest theatre listings or look at a detail of a city street map.

    "Future trends clearly point to mobile customer communications. In public, customers will be able to use the small mobile aid to search for products and services. Localised offers in this case will mainly be broadcast via local Bluetooth or 802.11b transmitters," commented Dr. Peter Gebhard, president of friendlyway's Communication Solutions business unit and head of the skills centre for mobile customer communications.

    friendlyway has concentrated its efforts on the interface between two gigantic trends - "online/offline" and "mobile/stationary". The major "online/offline" trend will see banks and commercial customers incorporating e-commerce into their traditional branch outlets. On the other hand, the "mobile/stationary" trend deals with how these e-commerce offers can best be controlled and downloaded. Customers will be able to download product information on to their mobile computers and take it home with them.

    As a result of this positioning, this spring friendlyway was voted one of the most innovative companies in Germany by "Netinvestor" magazine. Just last year friendlyway was singled out in the prestigious 'StartUp' competition organised by McKinsey, the German savings banks and "Stern" magazine, and was placed second ahead of 1,300 competitors from all over Germany.

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