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  • 12.11.2007 – 10:12

    IFBC Study: Swiss banks create more value

    Zurich (ots) - Clear owner strategies and systematic equity management are prerequisites for sustainability In 2006, many Swiss banks increased the value they create for their owners. However, over a seven-year observation period only a small number succeeded in turning their capital to profitable use and achieving profitable growth. These are the findings reached by the Zurich corporate consultancy firm IFBC in ...

  • 06.11.2006 – 10:00

    IFBC Study: Only few banks create value in a sustainable way

    The IFBC study on value creation in the Swiss banking industry highlights the importance of keeping shareholders well informed Zurich (ots) - Good corporate governance and a high level of transparency are conducive to the sustainable increase of a company's value. This also applies in the case of Swiss banks, as demonstrated in "Wertschaffung in der Schweizer Bankenbranche" (Value Creation in Swiss Banking Industry), ...