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Kabira Real-Time Card and Payment Processing Solutions Support Rapid Growth and Evolution of Electronic Payments

    San Francisco, CA. (ots) - Kabira Technologies Inc., provider of the Infrastructure Switch™ software for high-volume, real-time transactions, announced today that it has released commercial grade enhancements to its core volume switch architecture that support payment authorization pre-processing, message gateway functions, intelligent fraud management, real-time risk management and enable very-high volumes exceeding fifty thousand messages per second on standard UNIX system hardware from Sun and HP.          "Electronic payment transaction volumes are increasing rapidly due to industry consolidation and the advent of new delivery channels," said David Marshall, vice president corporate development for Kabira. "In order for growth to continue, card and non-card payments must become as reliable as hard cash, with more security and convenience. Consumers and merchants have come to expect and demand fast response times as well as consistent service. It is essential that payment transaction processing systems support high availability, scalability, and reliability. At the same time, revenues-per-transaction are declining, and pressure exists to optimize IT spending and reduce costs by using new technology. Card and payment processing solutions from Kabira Technologies enhance real-time authorization systems and can process payment transactions from any delivery channel, reliably 24 hours a day. We are able to augment systems for credit and debit cards in addition to newer forms of electronic payment and contactless payments."          Services are Evolving: Trends in card and non-card payments include: new switching center technologies; volume increases that dictate augmentation or upgrades of data centers; new fraud and risk systems require low-level (close to the network) logic; smaller transaction sizes require lower cost systems; the need to add 'closed loop' value to 'open loop' networks; differentiated global services; and micro-payments models are growing as consumers migrate away from cash. In order to succeed, card and payment processing solutions must:          -  Support massive increases in volumes     -  Significantly lower the cost-per-transaction     -  Support high-availability and constant-on requirements     -  Ensure that transaction processing is secure and reliable     -  Provide access to data across multiple systems     -  Support faster time-to-market for new products and services     -  Allow for augmentation to existing legacy systems

    Solution highlights:
    Kabira's card and payment processing solutions allow providers to
offer new Real-Time Financial Services and extend their existing
platforms as more sophisticated services are planned for
    The Kabira Infrastructure Switch supports:
    -  Transactional volume switch architecture
    -  Network services gateway functions to connect higher-level  
         enterprise applications with global high-speed networks with  
         real-time monitoring and load balancing
    -  Receiving and sending messages across multiple protocols and  
         delivery channels
    -  Real-time, low-level logic for Sender/Cardholder  
    -  Low-level business rules can be modified or added without
         system downtime
    -  Transaction routing to all major networks, processors, and  
         card associations
    -  Stand-in processing capabilities with new services developed
         in high-level models
    -  Real-time message parsing and matching
    -  Support volumes exceeding fifty thousands of
    -  Reliability (99.999%) and constant-on availability
    -  Rapid integration of existing legacy platforms, including
         low-level hardware
    -  Hides complexity of interfaces from application
         developers with software models
    -  Freedom to migrate to new protocols and middleware without  
         redesigning business logic or applications      

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    About Kabira Technologies Inc.
    Kabira Technologies' software makes 'Real-Time Everything' a
reality. Real- time financial transactions are increasing in volume
and complexity. Mobile communications now combines voice, messaging
and multi-media. Because of the instantaneous response needed for
these systems, existing batch processes and offline settlements will
become obsolete. As providers of financial and telecommunications
services move to 'Real-Time Everything', they hit a wall - their
systems and software are not fast enough, robust enough or flexible
enough to keep up with customers. Kabira's software breaks down 'the
    Kabira makes the software Infrastructure Switch and solution
frameworks for providers of high-speed, high-volume, Real-Time
Everything services. Our software products for wireless, Parlay OSA
Gateway, Message Gateway, Telecom Application Server, Wireless
Middleware, Risk Management, Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance, and
other telecom and financial services are built on the world's most
advanced infrastructure software - delivering solutions of
unparalleled Speed, Flexibility and Scalability. With customers in
more than 30 countries, Kabira's solutions are proven to scale to
tens-of-millions of users and are designed for continuous
modification directly from high-level models and frameworks. Visit
our website www.kabira.com Kabira, Kabira Infrastructure Switch and
ObjectSwitch are trademarks of Kabira Technologies Inc.
    All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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