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11.02.2003 – 07:49

Kabira Technologies, Inc.

Kabira to Show Live Demonstrations of 3G Innovative Services Implemented Using the Kabira Network Enabling Services Platform at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes

    Cannes, France (ots)

Kabira™ Technologies Inc., a provider of server and infrastructure software for the creation and deployment of network-based, real-time applications and services, announced today that it will conduct live demonstrations of innovative 3G services implemented using the Kabira network enabling Services platform, at 3GSM World Congress in Cannes France. The demonstrations will be held at the Kabira Technologies Booth D13, Hall 2 for the duration of the 3GSM event, from 18 to 21 February 2003.

Kabira solutions address issues and challenges for wireless operators today:

    - OSA/Parlay and Messaging    

    - 3G Provisioning and Activation, in partnership with Accenture    

    - Real-time Prepaid Content Management, in partnership with        
Volubill and HighDeal

    OSA/Parlay and Messaging Kabira provides a unique implementation of Open Services Access (OSA) and Parlay. Fully based on UML and providing a large set of network and OSS/BSS adapters, the Kabira OSA/Parlay Gateway allows operators to deploy an open infrastructure for services that can be created in weeks. Kabira offers an OSA/Parlay SDK, allowing gateway owners and service providers to implement very innovative services, Service Capability Servers (SCS) and adapters. Kabira will show the following demonstrations of services implemented using the Kabira Parlay Gateway:

    - SMS for visitors: Kabira will simulate a "hot spot" at the booth: Visitors passing by who share their contact details with Kabira will receive an SMS with a code allowing them to participate in a Kabira lottery. This shows a practical implementation of two OSA/Parlay SCSs: GMS and Mobility.

    - Building MMS applications using Parlay GMS: Kabira will demonstrate its ability to build and modify services live using Kabira OSA/Parlay SDK.

    3G Provisioning and Activation, in partnership with Accenture

    Kabira will demonstrate how its product, Kabira Provisioning and Service Activation (KPSA) meets the 2.5 & 3G operators' challenges. KPSA has been designed to address mobile operators' needs from green- field to Tier 1 in terms of flexibility, performance and evolution:

    - flexibility to integrate subscriber specific activation schemas

    - high throughput to support the diversity of services and the      
emergence of self-care    

    - integration of subscriber and network databases for data        
consistency and process efficiency    

    - real-time to market service implementation      

    - management of service complexity due to diversity of platforms       and partners

    Real-time Prepaid Content Management, in partnership with Volubill and HighDeal

    Kabira offers an innovative approach to Real-time Service Management using unique features in the Kabira Infrastructure Switch™. Kabira's solution is particularly suited for prepaid services management requirements for very high throughput, flexibility and transactionality. Kabira Real-Time Service Management can be implemented for Messaging (prepaid SMS for roamers, SMS intelligent charging), GPRS data (GTP' records real-time analysis) and VHE.

    The demonstration gives mobile prepaid subscribers the ability to access content for which payment is required. They will be notified dynamically of the pricing model for access (time, click, volume), price rates, & remaining credit.

    The demonstration is based on an integration of Kabira Service Management platform, HighDeal Transactive and Volubill D2CP.

    About Kabira Technologies Inc.

    Kabira Technologies provides software solutions for convergent network services that are fully integrated across network, operational and business systems. Kabira's solutions include:

    - Frameworks for Pre-Paid Services, Churn Management & Revenue      
Assurance, Parlay Framework      

    - xDR Mediation for GSM, PSTN, CDMA, WCDMA, CDMA2000, SMS, GPRS,  
      EDGE, 1xRTT      

    - IP Mediation for IPDR, MPLS and IP layered services    

    - Provisioning & Service Activation    

    - Network Application Integration (NAI/EAI) and OSS (Operational       Support Systems)    

    - New Service Creation

    By providing the combined power of packaged frameworks with custom business logic, Kabira gives its customers flexible solutions that meet their exact technical and competitive challenges. Our software products for wireless, telecom and financial services are built on the world's most advanced infrastructure software -- delivering solutions of unparalleled Speed, Flexibility and Scalability.

    With more than 50 customers in 23 countries, Kabira's solutions are proven to scale to tens-of-millions of users and are designed for continuous modification directly from high-level models and frameworks.

    Phone +1 415-446-5000 (USA) or +44 (0) 1753 787 200     (UK/International) email:

    Kabira and Kabira Infrastructure Switch are trademarks of Kabira Technologies Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Kabira Technologies
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