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Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC)

Successful Swiss technology startups: SICTIC again facilitates more than 100 financing rounds

Successful Swiss technology startups: SICTIC again facilitates more than 100 financing rounds
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Zurich (ots)

On track for success despite difficult market environment: Switzerland's largest angel investor club facilitates 106 financing rounds in 2022.

Switzerland's largest angel investor club published its highly acclaimed annual SICTIC Investment Report today: Out of 153 funding rounds for Swiss early-stage startups in the ICT- and FinTech sector, 106 rounds involved SICTIC investors.

This means that SICTIC once again covers the vast majority, 69%, of all early-stage funding rounds in Swiss ICT startups.

The largest Angel Investor Club in Switzerland today published its highly regarded annual SICTIC Investment Report: of a total of 153 financing rounds in Swiss early-stage startups in the ICT and FinTech sector, SICTIC investors were involved in 106 rounds. This means that SICTIC covers 69% of all early-stage financing in Swiss ICT and Fintech startups and thus contributes significantly to the successful transfer of technology into innovative products and the creation of new jobs with a promising future.

The aggregated portfolio of the SICTIC investor community grows to an impressive 254 startups, some of which have already achieved or are about to achieve the so-called "unicorn" status, i.e. a company valuation of more than one billion Swiss francs. Furthermore, SICTIC reports a remarkable 9 exits.

"Despite many uncertainties in the market and an increase in inflation, 2022 was an extremely strong growth year for venture capital in Switzerland. This not only underlines the quality and robustness of Swiss startups, but also demonstrates SICTIC's leading role as the most active matchmaking platform for Swiss early-stage financing" Dr. Thomas Dübendorfer, President of SICTIC, is pleased to announce.

SICTIC also announces its intention to support startups from other technology sectors in the future, in addition to startups from the ICT and Fintech sectors:

"We want to extend our successful and efficient matchmaking process to other sectors. This offers opportunities for our investors to further diversify their portfolio, but it allows us to further increase our contribution to the Swiss startup ecosystem, as more startups can benefit from our matchmaking process" explains Thomas Ackermann, Managing Director of SICTIC.


The Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) connects angel investors with young Swiss technology startups.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Zurich with offices in Lausanne and Manno TI, the association is committed to the growth of the Swiss startup ecosystem by facilitating startups' access to venture capital.

During the regular Investor Days, young entrepreneurs meet experienced and committed investors who can support startups with capital, network and knowledge.

SICTIC actively promotes the exchange between investors. With the free "Swiss Angel Investor Handbook" ( and the "SICTIC Academy" ( ), SICTIC also provides a wide range of education and training opportunities for both prospective and experienced investors.

With over 500 people, SICTIC is by far the largest angel investor network in Switzerland.

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