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swissstaffing - Verband der Personaldienstleister der Schweiz

Swiss Staffingindex: Waiting for a Downturn in the Staffing Services Sector

Swiss Staffingindex: Waiting for a Downturn in the Staffing Services Sector
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Dübendorf (ots)

Staff shortages and economic concerns bear unusual fruit in the employment market: Businesses and workers alike are speaking plainly with staffing service providers.

Despite the ominous clouds on the economic horizon, the latest Swiss Staffingindex shows that staffing service providers are performing surprisingly well: In the third quarter, temporary workers managed to achieve an increase of 4.4 percent in the number of hours they worked compared with the previous year. In contrast, the permanent staffing sector saw a slight decline of 1.6 percent.

A High Level of Concern

"The exchanges with hiring companies could hardly be more contradictory at the moment," reports Marius Osterfeld, Economist at swissstaffing. Supply shortages, energy costs, astronomical prices and geopolitical risks are the topics that customers express concerns about in discussions. Then, the same companies announce that they are converting temporary roles into permanent roles, while also requiring additional temporary workers. This is a clear indicator of full order books, staff shortages, and workload peaks. It therefore remains to be seen when exactly these concerns will impact business figures.

Workers Spoiled for Choice

The slight decline in the permanent staffing sector belies the reality of staff shortages in individual industries. Hospitals and care facilities in particular have been severely affected and are crying out for new staff. This means that nursing staff are in a position to choose where they want to work. In talks with staffing service providers, they speak openly about their needs: a company with a better reputation, a better team, a better work-life balance, a shorter commute, and higher wages. More and more nursing staff are choosing temporary positions - also so they can scope out a new employer without making a full commitment. In the long term, most nursing staff are still looking to be fully integrated into a team by means of a permanent role. For employers, this means that good employer branding in the region, flexibility, and good employment conditions are truly decisive in the fight for new talent.

What Must Workers Consider Now?

The favorable conditions in both the employment market and the wider economy give workers a sense of stability that allows them to make more daring choices. Reducing workloads or moving into self-employment is often the response. Marius Osterfeld, Economist at swissstaffing, advises workers to show courage, but not to forget social security and the continual need for further education in light of the economic concerns. Especially when compared with full self-employment, temporary work can offer a satisfactory interim solution - thanks to unemployment insurance, pension provisions with a coordination deduction calculated based on the number of hours worked, and the training benefits required by the CBA on Staff Leasing.

In the new cockpit, users can select and analyze the Swiss Staffingindex data on an interactive basis.

More statistics can be found at this link.


Marius Osterfeld, Economist
Tel: 044 388 95 70 / 079 930 45 25

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Plus de actualités: swissstaffing - Verband der Personaldienstleister der Schweiz
Plus de actualités: swissstaffing - Verband der Personaldienstleister der Schweiz