Cotecna Brazil shares expertise in agribusiness financing systems

Geneva, Switzerland (ots) - Cotecna Brazil was invited by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to participate in a conference on agribusiness financing systems.

The objective of the conference that took place from February 28 to March 3 in São Paolo and Brasilia was to introduce the Rural Product Note (Cédula de Produto Rural - CPR) to a delegation from Ukraine and Russia that included members of the government, bankers, traders, lawyers, economists, etc.

CPR is an important agribusiness financing instrument that is commonly used in Brazil. It is a tool that facilitates cash resources for agricultural and livestock production, enabling producers to make the necessary investments by putting up their production capacity as collateral to the financers.

Cotecna presented the company's business model focusing on monitoring mechanisms that are used to mitigate risks in the agri financing sector. The company was able to discuss and share its expertise and experience in trade finance support services with the participants. The IFC is keen to help transfer proven agribusiness financing systems to countries such as Russia and Ukraine.

Cotecna has been delivering trade finance support, inspection, testing and numerous other services to the international trading community throughout its worldwide network for 36 years and many Government procurement agencies and international trading firms entrust Cotecna daily with their cargoes.

About the Cotecna Group

Founded in Switzerland in 1974, the Cotecna group offers a wide range of trade facilitation services, trade security services and quality certification standards. Cotecna conducts verification and certification activities across a range of sectors for importers and exporters worldwide. Areas of particular expertise include: agricultural products (grains, pulses, oilseeds and feedstuffs to liquid cargoes, sugar, fibers, fruits, coffee, fertilizers...), metals and minerals, chemical and petroleum products, marine surveys, industrial equipment surveys, vehicle inspections and consumer goods. Accredited laboratories and testing facilities ensure the delivery of high-quality, verifiable results. The Cotecna Group has a combined workforce of about 4,000 employees and agents in close to 100 offices.


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