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Fortis Bank Selects TRS From Telerate and MarketXS

LONDON, September 27 (ots/PRNewswire)

Fortis Bank, one of the leading banks in the Benelux, today announced its decision to choose Telerate's TRS platform for all its dealing rooms in the Benelux. The decision is the result of an extensive project (the Fortis Information Providing System or FIPS) initiated by Fortis Bank two years ago with a view toward rationalizing its market data infrastructure and moving to a single platform for its mission-critical dealing room operations.

TRS will be implemented in the Amsterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg
dealing rooms. In addition, Fortis Bank will roll out around 700
Active8 positions based on the central TRS backbone, as a replacement
for Kobra front-ends and stand-alone Active8 and Channel positions.
Data from both Telerate and other sources will be available to Fortis
FIPS users through these applications. In addition to the Active8
positions, about 15 third-party and internal applications will be
migrated to TRS. The TRS and Active8 products will be delivered and
supported by Telerate and MarketXS who is the exclusive Benelux
distributor for Telerate.
The FIPS study consisted of an RFP procedure with a substantial
number of contenders. After extensive testing, TRS and Active8 were
chosen based on technology, functionality, open platform character,
pricing transparency and the supportive approach of the MarketXS and
Telerate staff involved. The Proof Of Concept included three months
of testing, both on Solaris and Linux, on various criteria, including
latency, functionality, architecture, network and security. The Proof
of Concept also included stress testing.
The model used for TRS implementation consists of the so-called
'hub and spoke' concept. Two 'hubs' will be implemented, one in
Brussels and one in Woerden, the technical centers of Fortis Belgium
and Fortis Netherlands respectively, acting as a back-up for each
other. These hubs will be the market data centers for all Fortis
business lines. The country 'spokes' hook into the hubs via WAN
gateways, using load balancing over the two hubs. The concept can
also be expanded to other centers and countries.
Carlos del Marmol, Global Coordinator of the Fortis Market Data
Competence Center (MDCC), comments: "The creation of one virtual
market data backbone in the Benelux has been a long-standing
strategic ambition of Fortis Bank. As a single platform for the
market data distribution throughout the Fortis Bank Benelux
organisation including dealing room operations, the TRS
infrastructure delivers a very efficient solution for our most
performance-critical business needs. TRS allows us to exchange
internally generated information between the three countries and to
interface to any data vendor, all in accordance with the strict
Fortis standards. We are very pleased to finalize our FIPS project
with the implementation of TRS."
Says Doug Jeffrey, Managing Director EMEA of Telerate: "We are
extremely pleased to be selected by Fortis Bank, a valued customer
and one of Europe's largest institutions, to be the provider of the
core market data infrastructure and market data solutions for the
Fortis dealing rooms. TRS technology is quickly gaining ground as a
proven and cost-efficient solution with the implementation by Fortis
Bank a further example of how TRS can help banks to meet their
strategic objectives."
Jean Van den Bosch, Country Manager of MarketXS Belgium adds: "We
have built a strong relationship with Fortis Bank over time, and we
are proud to support Fortis Bank in its efforts to create a
state-of-the-art, open and efficient market data infrastructure that
meets the requirements of the many different users within Fortis."
About Fortis Bank
Fortis Bank is part of Fortis, an integrated financial services
provider active in the fields of banking and insurance. With a market
capitalization of EUR23.5 billion (30/07/2004) and around 53,000
employees, Fortis ranks in the top 20 of European financial
institutions. In its home market, the Benelux countries, Fortis
occupies a leading position which it aims to develop and bolster.
Fortis is drawing on the expertise it has acquired in its home market
to realize its European ambitions via growth platforms. Fortis also
operates successfully worldwide in selected activities. In specific
countries in Europe and Asia it effectively exploits its know-how and
experience in bancassurance. Fortis is listed on the exchanges of
Amsterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg and has a sponsored ADR programme
in the United States. More information is available on
About Telerate
Telerate is the leading global provider of the world's premier
benchmark fixed-income content and integrated real-time information.
Telerate provides financial services firms with exclusive and
unequaled benchmark capital markets content and transaction services
to drive investment decisions. The firm has over 35 years experience
and is headquartered in New York City. One Equity Partners, the New
York-based private equity arm of Bank One Corporation is the majority
shareholder; other shareholders include Japan's QUICK Corp.
About MarketXS
MarketXS is a leading provider of real-time market data technology
and trading solutions. Over 350 customers use its high-availability
market data infrastructure, the Finance Engine(TM), to power
terminals, websites, transaction systems or any other real-time
market data application for front, middle or back-office with any
source of data. Rendering conventional market data systems obsolete,
the Finance Engine(TM) provides maximum flexibility, rapid deployment
and low total cost of ownership. MarketXS data sources include
Telerate, ComStock, Telekurs, Dow Jones Newswires, Standard & Poor's,
FT Interactive, etc. and direct feeds from major exchanges such as
Euronext and Nasdaq. MarketXS is the exclusive distributor of
Telerate products in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. For
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