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Les autorités approuvent le rachat de Tele2 par Sunrise, la marque Tele2 est conservée

    Zürich (ots) - The Swiss Competition Commission (WEKO) gives the green light to the takeover of Tele2 by Sunrise. Continuation of service for all Tele2 customers is thus guaranteed in the long term. Tele2 will remain a separate brand and employees will be taken over.

    Sunrise and Tele2 completed the last formalities of the takeover. Through the acquisition of Tele2, Sunrise is expanding its customer base and strengthening its position as number two in the Swiss market. The approval by WEKO was not subject to any restrictions. In the wake of it, the Communications Commission (ComCom) agreed to the economic transfer of the Tele2 mobile network license to Sunrise. After these approvals, the two parties were able to consummate the purchase contract.

    Through the acquisition and its rapid implementation, Sunrise ensures that Tele2 customers can continue using all of the existing products and have full access to Tele2 customer service.

    Tele2 will continue to exist as an independent trademark. In consultation with employee representatives and the Communications Trade Union (Gewerkschaft Kommunikation), Sunrise will take over the 53 employees and, for the time being, will continue to employ them either in their current positions or offer them other positions within Sunrise. With the acquisition of Tele2, Sunrise underlines its intention to invest in the Swiss market for the long term.

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