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  • 02.03.2023 – 08:00

    Competition authority once again confirms important aspects of the SFN shunting model

    Berne (ots) - In its response to an additional request for advice published today, the Secretariat of the Competition Commission (COMCO) once again confirmed important aspects of the competitive suitability of the SFN shunting model: The SFN shunting model does not violate the precautionary measures even if only one partner (e.g. SFN) is building a fiber optic network ...

  • 09.11.2022 – 06:30

    Competition authority paves the way for innovative fibre optic industry solution

    Bern (ots) - Over the past few months, the Secretariat of the Competition Commission (COMCO) has been assessing the SFN shunting model developed by Swiss Fibre Net AG (SFN). It has checked whether the industry solution satisfies the competition law requirements for network access. The COMCO secretariat has now approved the proposal under antitrust law. The option of ...