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Summer vacation 2022: Travel at ease thanks to a good preparation

Summer vacation 2022: Travel at ease thanks to a good preparation
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Summer vacation 2022: Travel at ease thanks to a good preparation

Summer vacation will soon begin in the tri-border area. For the upcoming weeks, EuroAirport is therefore expecting a very high volume of passengers. In certain countries, travel regulations are still in force that require additional checks and controls. An early arrival at the Airport is therefore strongly recommended. Thanks to a good preparation, passengers can contribute to flawless check-in procedures and security checks.

During summer vacation time, a very high volume of passengers is expected at EuroAirport. With entry restrictions still partially being in place, additional checks and controls are required, inevitably leading to longer waiting periods at checkpoints. This affects departures and entries alike. An early arrival at the Airport - at least two hours before departure - is therefore strongly recommended.

A meticulous preparation of your journey before departure

Will an ID card be sufficient to travel, or is a passport or even a visa required? Travellers are invited to prepare their documents well in advance and to check their validity.

Furthermore, pandemic-related travel regulations are still in place in some countries. It is therefore advisable to find out about regulations imposed by the respective airline as well as the country of destination well before departure.

We suggest that passengers in need of a Covid test shall ideally take it the day before departure. Alternatively, we recommend to schedule sufficient time before the start of check-in procedures while taking into consideration corresponding waiting times until reception of the test results. EuroAirport has a modern Covid test center. We recommend to make an appointment via the dedicated website.

The number of parking spaces is limited. For passengers arriving by car, it is advisable to reserve a parking spot in advance and to schedule sufficient time for parking. In general, the Airport advises to use public transportation.

Saving time at the Airport

ID and document control procedures can still take up to two times longer than before the pandemic. This can lead to longer waiting queues in the check-in zone. We therefore advise travellers to arrive early at the Airport and to keep their documents ready for check-in at the counter.

In order to go through the security checks at ease and to avoid unnecessary waiting times, we invite passengers to get information in advance concerning the types of items allowed as hand luggage and items that have to be packed within the checked baggage. Certain items are not permitted on the flight due to security reasons.

Due to security reasons, we ask passengers not to leave their luggage unattended at any time. Failure to do so may lead to an evacuation of the terminal building as well as a fine of up to 450 euros. Passengers are instructed via diverse channels not to leave their luggage unattended. The Airport informs passengers through announcements in the terminal, on posters on the airport premises and on its website.

The staffing situation in the tourism industry remains tense. The recovery of passenger numbers is partially advancing faster than ongoing re-staffing efforts. The rapid increase in air passenger volume is a challenge for all partners involved on the airport platform. We do everything we can to ensure that travellers have the best possible passenger experience.

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